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Relationship Marketing Weekly: Weight Loss Center

This week we feature Davis Jaspers. Davis is the CEO & Founder of VitaLife Weight Loss out of New Lenox, IL. Over the past four months, Davis has incorporated a relationship marketing strategy in his two Illinois offices and has seen incredible success!

Davis shares some incredible statistics how by implementing relationship marketing strategies, he has created a wow factor for his consultants and re-engaged many of their clients to focus back on their health and weight loss journey.

Kody Bateman: Hey everybody. This is Kody Bateman. Welcome to a brand new edition of our Relationship Marketing Weekly show. Very excited to have a special guest on with us today in a very unique industry and just want to thank all of you for participating in this week to week and inviting people to come on.

We have featured 40 plus different industries over the past year and a half. A lot of these are featured in my book Power of Human Connection and this is all about talking about relationship marketing in general and a myriad of ways that you can incorporate relationship marketing principles and tools to generate referral business for whatever business that you are in.

So hopefully, we provide some good content for you. We have a special edition from the weight loss industry today. Please help me welcome Davis Jaspers, CEO and Founder of VitaLife Weight Loss based out of Chicago, Illinois. Davis, welcome to our show today.

Davis Jaspers: Hey, thank you so much Kody. It’s definitely my pleasure to be here.

Kody Bateman: Well, we’re excited to have you. In fact, we just did a live event in Toronto, Canada last weekend and you were there.

Davis Jaspers: Yes, sir.

Kody Bateman: And I always do an impromptu panel where I invite people out of the audience from different industries to talk about what you’re doing and you were gracious enough to serve on that panel and you did a wonderful job and just so happened that we also had you scheduled to do the show this week.

So it worked out really good that your story is fresh on my mind and we’re real excited. So I want to start out and by the way, folks, this guy – incredible ideas. He’s excellent at relationship marketing principles. He has got a very compelling story about why he got into the weight loss business.

Tell us a little bit about how you got started. I love your story. You were in – you were going to school for a different profession. Just tell us a little bit about why you got into weight loss in the first place.

Davis Jaspers: Yeah. So ever since I was a kid, I thought I was going to be a pastor. My dad is a pastor. His dad is a pastor. His dad is a pastor and I just have always had a passion to help people. That has been my heartbeat and I was in – working in Virginia on my master’s in theology and I didn’t realize it. But I had been gaining weight slowly since college and I walked past the mirror and I saw this extra fat roll right here and I was like, “I got to do something.”

So I started my weight loss journey and I’ve lost a total now of 50 pounds. This is me – this is my before and after here. Let’s see if I can hold it up, so everybody can see.

Kody Bateman: Wow, look at that. That’s like a totally different person there.

Davis Jaspers: Totally different person and what was so cool Kody for me was the passion it gave me in life and then the passion it gave me to want to teach other people how to live this way.

So I became – I dropped out of school. I’m the pastoral student dropout. I dropped out of school for pastoral studies and started pursuing a master’s in nutrition and I tell people my calling in life never changed. It has just taken a different form. So now, maybe I’m not helping people learn about God but I’m helping people learn about how to take care of their body and how to be around this earth longer so they can – in my hopes is to be able to be a better servant long term.

Kody Bateman: Well, I will tell you, you’re really good at it. You have some natural skills, God-given skills that help you to communicate and bless people’s lives through education and it has just been great to get to know you and to kind of see what you’re doing from a distance.

Now you have kind of a unique business model. A lot of times when people think of weight loss and you started a weight loss company – in fact a lot of people that tune into this show would naturally think of a network marketing model.

You chose a different model. Can you just tell us a little bit about what – how your business model works?

Davis Jaspers: Yeah. So a quick story. There’s a gentleman by the name of James Lawrence and his nickname is the Iron Cowboy. He did 50 Iron Man Triathlons in 50 states in 50 days, which is the most incredible distance athletic human feat on record.

When I saw this – because I enjoy running. I’m not great at it. I’m not a triathlon-ist. But when I saw that, he did a bio scan at the beginning of every day to see what his body needed and he did another one at the end of every night to see what his body needed for recovery.

My thought process was I wonder if we could apply this to weight loss and it just so happens we can. So that’s what we used. We used a bio scan technology that’s a little expensive. So when we were looking at what model to go with, that bio scan is such a key piece of what we do that we needed to have local owners in local communities getting involved again in their local community to be able to impact those around them.

So we chose a franchise model strictly because there just needs to be a location for people to also come to and we’re very much relational and face to face.

So when you’re on our program, once a week you come in for coaching and it’s face to face. It’s not over the phone. It’s awesome that we have technology like this where we can basically be face to face but still using technology.

But it is person to person, face to face. We give a ton of hugs in our office and we’re just helping people learn how to change their life. So that’s – that’s what it is.

Kody Bateman: Yeah, it’s very interesting. I’m very intrigued by the whole process where you get – you test the body and those kinds of things. You’ve had some success with this. I mean you opened up the franchise about a year ago and already have 27 franchises around the country. So kudos to you brother. I mean that’s great. You’re off to a wonderful start. You’re doing some incredible things.

So tell us just a little bit about – I know you’re a member of BNI because BNI is part of your process of how you’ve grown your business. Just tell us a little bit about how you’ve used BNI.

Davis Jaspers: Yeah. So there – I have other colleagues that have tried to do weight loss and a lot of them have failed. It’s not because the program they had wasn’t effective. It was because they were trying to compete in the marketplace against the giants that have millions of dollars to advertise and they have thousands, if that.

So I always encourage a new franchisee to immediately find a local BNI chapter and get involved because there is nothing better than building relationships with people to open the door for opportunities, to get involved in different companies. We do presentations to large corporations now and that’s all through our BNI.

Then what I’ve enjoyed about SendOutCards is using it in my – we use it in our business a ton but using it even in my BNI group. So just as an example, this is a – one of those trifold cards and this is a couple that was with me on TV and they happen to be in my BNI group.

So I sent everybody in the BNI group this card this week and said, “Make sure to congratulate these people.” So they have their before and after. This is their wedding photo and their after picture and then I put a few photos from us on TV and then this is my Bitmoji.

For those of you who are out there, you can download an app on your phone called Bitmoji and you create yourself. Then it puts yourself in tons of different scenarios and you just download that photo, upload it, and then you can put it in your cards and it just makes for a nice – you could see there’s me. I’m getting a high five there. It just makes for a fun presentation with the card and then since it’s a trifold, it has a picture of us here and some nice wording and then I brand myself on the back. We’ve got our website and phone numbers. So I am using the cards in my BNI group and I create a group and then I just create one card, hit “send” and it sends to everybody and of course they’re blown away when they get this card.

They’re getting used to receiving a card from me on a weekly basis that kind of recaps our BNI meeting and it’s putting me at the front of their mind when they are ready to do weight loss or they know of somebody ready to do weight loss. I’m going to definitely be the first person they think of.

Kody Bateman: Yeah, and so you – obviously you do that and you train your franchisees to do the same thing and you do a lot of unique stuff with the SendOutCards system within your office and your franchisees.

Another thing that I think is really cool is that you practice what you preach. In other words, you’re out there running an office every day and training franchisees to run an office every day.

Davis Jaspers: Absolutely.

Kody Bateman: I love what you do with the Bitmoji and the cards. I think that’s super cool and I also love how you implement the card system as part of the weight loss program.

Davis Jaspers: Yes.

Kody Bateman: Can you kind of share with us how you do that?

Davis Jaspers: Yeah. So there’s – we basically have three unique things that we do with our cards. Every time we do a consultation – so we will do anywhere from per location and these are people that are thinking about using our program for weight loss and to give people an idea. Our program to get started, because of the scanning and everything involved, it’s – there’s a $9.95 enrollment fee. So we have a premium product and so when people come in, we want to make sure that we’re giving them a premium experience as well as those wow moments.

So what we do, when we have a consultation, whether they sign up or not, the person who does the consultation immediately takes – it takes us two minutes. We’ve timed it. Sits, enters that person’s information into SendOutCards, their birth date, all of that stuff and then we send them a card right after that conversation. I mean we do so many consultations a day. It’s not like we can remember everybody. But if we do it right away, we can personalize that.

So an example, one of our employees did a consultation a few weeks ago and they for whatever reason in the consultation talked about Yoda. So the card, they went and grabbed the picture of Yoda, threw it in the card. It took us two minutes, wrote the card. The person – this is really cool. The person came back in later, like maybe a month later and said, “You know, you guys said you care about us, that you love us, that you’re different and I left that day thinking I wasn’t going to do it. It was too expensive. I got your card,” and they actually brought the card in. “I got this card and I know you guys are different. So I’m ready to sign up.” Well, right there, that pays for our entire year of subscription. Just with one person and then –

Kody Bateman: Do you have an example of what that card would look like?

Davis Jaspers: I don’t have a specific card for a consultation. I do have – the other thing we use is I encourage all of our employees to write one card a day to people on our program. So when people are on our program, they come in once a week for a – we call it a body composition analysis but basically it’s like a weigh-in. That’s really technical, a technical weigh-in. OK?

So they come in once a week and we are giving them all their numbers to see their composition changes and then we’re coaching them. Weight loss is very emotional. So there are people who are discouraged. There are people who are just crazy happy. So everybody is supposed to write at least one card a day. So here’s an example of what an employee wrote.

We have our again standard cover, standard back. OK? And inside the card, all right, another Bitmoji here.

Kody Bateman: Yeah.

Davis Jaspers: All of our employees have their own Bitmoji. This one says, “Hi Laura. I was so encouraged to see your members on Saturday, to go from over-fat to healthy.” So their numbers on their body composition, she was over-fat and now she’s healthy from week to week. OK? It’s a huge deal and it’s something that I don’t see very often. Keep going until you hit your goals and then the employee signed the name “Otto [0:12:30] [Phonetic]” and then just a picture here. You rock. Got our branding here.

So every day we will have – our employees will send out 10 to 12 of these within our group and they’re customized, they’re personal. Sometimes they will take a selfie with the person and send it to them. I do a lot of that because I – a lot of times the patients don’t always see me and I’ve been on TV.

So sometimes when they see me for the first time, it’s like, “Ah!” You know, kind of a mild celebrity moment for them. So I will take a selfie with them and then I will send them that card which for that individual just is – blows their mind. It just keeps their experience amazing.

Kody Bateman: And again, you teach your franchisees to do the same type of activity which is great.

Davis Jaspers: Yeah.

Kody Bateman: Now you made a – pre-show here, you made a pretty bold statement. You basically said that you guys bat a thousand, meaning that anybody that gets in your program and stays with your program reaches their goals and they lose their weight. That’s a bold statement and it’s a powerful statement.

I got to believe that part of that – in fact I know because you’ve shared stories with me. Part of what makes that successful is people have a tendency in a weight loss program or anything for that matter. You go through bouts where you quit. I mean you just stop because you’re discouraged or whatever and you stop doing things. So you have kind of a reactivation thing that you do. Can you share that with us?

Davis Jaspers: Absolutely. So we do – to start with – so somebody, we call him “going AWOL”. They don’t show up for an appointment. That’s typically the first sign of a problem. We also have a system where you text us your weight every day and if you miss that for two days, you go on the red list.

Like uh-oh, there’s a potential problem here. You may be getting discouraged and going off the reservation. So we start by calling that person three times and day after day for three days in a row and then on day four, we send them an email and we send them a card.

So what we found is we have had – because we started with SendOutCards about four months ago and we took a huge pile of AWOL people and we sent them all a card and we tried to think of – we tried to remember who they were. So we could kind of make it a little bit more personal.

We sent and we had 18. We sent 18 of these people cards. We heard back and this was after we had called them, emailed them, texted them, all these things. We heard back from 16 of the 18 when they got the card.

Kody Bateman: Wow.

Davis Jaspers: Now two of those were like, “Quit bugging me.” But the other 14 scheduled appointments to get back on track, which for us as a business, that means that’s going to generate more income because they’re going to be coming in to purchase more product, to be paying their membership fees and all that stuff. So that’s – and it took us – I think it took the employee who went through and did that maybe an hour to create all those cards and send them out.

Kody Bateman: Wow, that’s fantastic. So you mentioned that you called them, emailed them. So we always call that a touch. Anytime you reach out to somebody, it’s a touch of some kind whether it’s digital or tangible and our greeting cards are tangible. So you made a phone call. You did an email and you sent a card.

Davis Jaspers: Yes.

Kody Bateman: So probably a combination of all of those touches that actually – the card is kind of the icing on the cake if you will. So we’re like, “Yeah, I probably ought to get back a hold of those guys,” right? I mean that’s kind of what it feels like. There is magic in the cards. We’ve said it a lot on this show with literally with every different industry. There’s something about a tangible touch. It shows up in the mail. The person is using all of the senses.

Davis Jaspers: Right.

Kody Bateman: So they’re reading it. They’re touching it. They’re feeling it. They smell the paper. I mean it’s all there and there’s something – one of these days, I’m going to have smart people do studies to show what’s going on in the brain when that happens. But the reality is it works.

Davis Jaspers: Right.

Kody Bateman: And obviously you’ve experienced that. I got to tell you, I’m very impressed with the sophistication of your system. It’s really super cool. In fact I might have to figure out how to get on one of those weight programs because I love the concept of – you’re really highly involved with coaching. It’s not just a supplemental product you take. It’s a coaching process based on technology and based on some factual information about that person’s physiology.

Davis Jaspers: Right.

Kody Bateman: So I can see why a franchise is necessary because there is probably a lot of training that goes in to getting a franchisee up and running for that.

Davis Jaspers: Yeah, there’s a lot of training and some of the cool things about what we do – everything we do is food. So even our supplements, they’re all vegan, plant-based supplements. So when you go to GNC and buy vitamin C, you’re getting a synthetic form of vitamin C.

If we need to give you vitamin C, you’re going to get like dehydrated oranges in a capsule because obviously I’m a Christian. God made our bodies to eat food and unfortunately, we’ve been bombarded with society making these – what I call Franken-foods. But even healthy foods, sometimes our bodies don’t respond well to them.

So part of the scan – it’s able to tell you and me, hey, maybe broccoli isn’t the best thing for weight loss for you Kody but it could be really good for me. So we’re able to tailor everything to be exactly what that person needs and that’s again why I can sit here and confidently say we bat a thousand because there’s nothing else out there that is able to hone in specifically on what the body needs quite like what we do.

Kody Bateman: It’s fantastic. So there you have it. It’s Davis Jaspers with VitaLife. What is your website?

Davis Jaspers: So our website is and one more thing before – it sounds like we’re wrapping up Kody. But I wanted to share this because I think this is phenomenal. Another thing that we use the cards for is before and after pictures. So I said we have like three systems that we use. The other one is before and after. So we have a little thing on the front that says, “Congratulations! You look amazing!” That’s right here at the bottom.

Then on the inside, we put their before and after and we use that – for those of you who don’t know how to do that, that’s the background photo. All right? Which is such a great feature. So we use that for all of our before and after. So the people, when they finish their first round of the program, so they will get something like that in the mail and it’s super professional and we – again, every day, and I kid you not, somebody brings in a card they got every day. They say, “Look at this. This is amazing. Thank you so much.”

It was so neat to be – I went to the Toronto conference last week and for me, what was so amazing is just being involved with all of the people that use this service and getting ideas from them about how to use that.

So for those listening who haven’t been to one of these conferences that go on, it is well worth the trip. It’s well worth the time. You will learn more at that powerful day than you will reading 1000 books. It was wonderful.

Kody Bateman: Thank you. We appreciate that. Davis is referring to the Relationship Marketing Summits that we do around the country and again the people in attendance really add to the value of that like yourself, who sat on a panel and tell stories like you just told.

You were on a panel with two people from the mortgage industry, a real estate agent. I can’t remember – there were probably four or five different industries represented on the panel you sat on. So we heard stories from each of those different industries, which was great. We love your story, brother. You’re doing a great work out there. Appreciate it. You are in the ministry. You do know that, right

Davis Jaspers: Absolutely, 100 percent.

Kody Bateman: You’re helping people with their physical well-being, which ties into every other aspect of their life. You know, physicality ties into your mental well-being, your spiritual well-being. It all ties together.

Davis Jaspers: Absolutely.

Kody Bateman: You’re doing a wonderful job out there. If you want more information, go to and you may want to get involved as a consumer of the service or you might even be interested in a franchise. So I highly encourage it and I would certainly endorse your business model. I think you’re doing a wonderful job. Any final words of wisdom before we log off? Go ahead.

Davis Jaspers: So I love the principle of sowing and reaping. You can’t reap where you don’t sow and when I heard about SendOutCards for the first time, I heard Kody and Jordan present and for me as a Christian – and not just as a Christian. As a human being, you can’t go in and take something until you sow a seed and man, I find SendOutCards like the epitome of that example. It’s an opportunity for me as a Christian man who cares about impacting the world to be able to show the world how much I care and who I am. So just I can’t be grateful enough for the amazing tool that this has been for me personally as well as in my business.

Kody Bateman: Well, thank you for your kind words there. I appreciate that. There you have it. Davis Jaspers, CEO and founder of VitaLife Weight Loss out of Chicago, Illinois. You want to find out more on how Davis does the things he talked about? Get back with the person that shared this show with you today. I’m sure they can show you how. So take care everybody. We will see you next week on another version. God bless everybody. Take care now.


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