Top 6 Employee Recognition Ideas

If there’s anyone who knows about recognition, it’s small business owners and human resource departments. Recognition is a powerful way to keep employees and customers happy.

It’s easier to make revenue from existing clients than it is to find new ones, and good employees are a necessity for any business. When people feel appreciated and recognized, they’re more likely to stay. Here are six ways to recognize the people in your business.

1. Quoteables

Whether they’re being acknowledged for great service or anything else, anytime you get good feedback on someone on your team, let them know about it. You can do it in the form of a card with the quote attached, or in a public forum, like a team Facebook group.

2. Surprise Bonuses

Employees or team members usually spend their money on the necessities in their life, no matter how much they love the product they represent. Surprise them with a gift card or voucher for the products you offer. They’ll love the opportunity to pick up or order items they wouldn’t normally.

3. Virtual Party

This is a great activity for teams who work remotely as well as anyone in the internet or relationship marketing space. Mail gifts cards for coffee to everyone on your team and have them meet for a Zoom meeting online for a coffee party. You could also do pizza or ice cream (Baskin Robbins, anyone?) and have a good old fashioned pizza or ice cream party!

These are fun, relatively inexpensive, and a fantastic way to gather the team for bonding. Make sure to play some music!

4. Team Member of the Month

Employee of the month is a longstanding tradition, but it can be a fun one. It’s a great way to recognize an online team, as well. Create a special image for the person using an online app like Canva and share it in a public area, like your Facebook wall or a Facebook group.

Then, use SendOutCards to send them a card with a gift card or gift included, right from your mobile device or laptop.

5. Use a Rotating Subscription Box Service

Box services are a fun way to send a gift package. They start as low as $10 a month. You can sign up for anything from beauty supplies to socks. Your team member gets a curated surprise each month, and all you have to do is change the address for the recipient each month.

6. Gamify Wins

Make a BINGO board using an online app like Canva and post it where everyone can see it, whether on a bulletin board or in a Facebook group. Have everyone get their own copy of it.

Have each square be a desired outcome. First person to BINGO gets a prize! Send them a card with their photo on it to remind them that they won and they’ll think of you and you company with happiness each time they see it.

Talk about a win win.

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