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Relationship Marketing With Kody B: Todd Falcone

Fear is almost always a factor when choosing a career path.

Although fear is natural, and seldom goes away wholly, fear can haunt us before and even after we’ve started in our chosen career.

However, understanding how to break through that fear can open many doors and bring massive success.

Todd Falcone conquered many of these fears at a young age while just getting out of college and choosing a career in Network Marketing & Sales.

Todd now travels the world, contributing to the world of sales as a whole, no matter the industry.

He is the:

  1. Founder of ‘The Fearless Networker’
  2. Author of ‘Fearless Networking’

Network Marketing made sense to Todd as a chosen career, and he made a decision that not only brought on fear but, a drive to be successful.

The difference between success and failure is deciding to go all-in, and find success no matter what! ~Todd Falcone

Take a listen to this short video where Todd shares how to shake off the fear and find the success you seek by making a decision that failure is not an option.

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