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Relationship Marketing Weekly: Real Estate Investor Edition

In this week’s Relationship Marketing Weekly,  relationship marketing expert Kody Bateman interviews Real Estate Investor Beyond Wynn.  Beyond explains how seven years ago he implemented a relationship marketing strategy that quickly increased his deal flow to being over 90% referral based!


Kody Bateman: We got Beyond Wynn that’s with us here today. Beyond, welcome to the show. Can you hear me?

Beyond Wynn: Yes, sir. Thanks for having me. Hello everyone.

Kody: We’re so excited to have you on. I’ve had the chance to get to know this guy over the years. We’ve been at numerous live events together and I always love your input and your wisdom. Beyond is one of those guys that when he starts to speak, you just kind of make yourself comfortable and you really start to listen. Great words of wisdom that come from you.

Every single time, I’ve learned so much from you and I’m excited to learn more today and those who are listening in here today, welcome to the Relationship Marketing Show. Say hi to us if you will and you’re in for a real treat today with Beyond Wynn.

Beyond, like I said, he’s from Cleveland, Ohio. He is a real estate investor. So this is going to be an interesting angle from all of the previous shows. We’ve actually interviewed real estate brokers before, real estate agents before. But you’re more on the real estate investment side of things. So it’s quite a bit different type of sophistication to your business. Can you talk to us a little bit about exactly what you do?

Beyond: What I do is I buy homes and use them for monthly cash flow with rental properties. So I have a portfolio of rental homes that I continue to build and I also sell properties. I sell turnkey properties to out-of-state and out-of-country investors.

Kody: OK, excellent. So now people that are tuning in here, they’ve seen some things about you, which is the reason you’re on the show today. One of the things that we mentioned is that you – in doing this business, over the last seven years or so, you have increased what you call “deal flow”. You’ve increased deal flow to over 90 percent referral-based. Now your type of business is interesting because you find investors. You flip homes. You do a lot of different types of things.

So it has got to be kind of a unique way to go out and find customers and you’re saying that you have increased your deal flow to over 90 percent. Explain to us what is deal flow and how have you gone about generating 90 percent referral?

Beyond: Well, I will say this. First, to the individual that’s in the investor world or real estate agents or brokers, we normally get our properties from the MLS, the Multiple Listing Service. Those are bank-owned properties.

My last – the last two years, the last two, three years, I may have bought two properties from the MLS. So basically what I’m saying is it’s something like the – like, you know, the law of attraction. It’s like what you focus on expands.

So when you focus on people, it’s a certain kind of magic energy that comes from that because people always keep you at the top of mind, when someone is selling a property, when someone is interested in buying a property.

So I get emails. I get text messages. I get inboxes on Facebook, Instagram, about people selling properties and people buying properties because I’m intentional about building the relationships.

Kody: OK. Now that’s interesting. So you said this year only two from the MLS listing. How many total deals?

Beyond: Probably – I would say 30.

Kody: So out of 30 deals, only 2 came from a traditional way of getting business. Twenty-eight of those deals came because of relationships you’ve created this year.

Beyond: Yes.

Kody: All right. Well, I hope I’ve got everybody’s – I hope we have everybody’s attention now because everybody – I don’t care what business you’re in – is going to want to know how to do business like that. I mean that is a much better way to do business.

So basically what you’re saying is 28 people came in because of relationships you’ve gained and they’ve sent you business. They’ve sent you referral business. So tell us a little bit about what you do to generate that.

Beyond: Well, one thing is using the SendOutCards system and that basically is every deal I close, most of the people I meet, whether it’s at the bank, the bank tellers, when I go to different cities to pull up permits to do business, they all get a card from me, a card, brownies, a card, a Starbucks card.

When I go out to network, I send a card. Nice to meet you. Let’s keep in touch. Let’s have some coffee. So using that system, it’s like – I mean you guys did all the work. All I had to do was plug in. Remember I said I like leverage?

Kody: Yeah.

Beyond: So I don’t need to create a system. You already created a system to help people take their lives and business to another level. So I just use the system to help me take my life to another level and in turn, the business just follows.

As you continue to build relationships and you continue to grow, everything that you touch, it follows. So my business has to follow.

Kody: So, yeah, it’s interesting. A lot of people, when they get on – almost – most people, when they learn about a marketing system, they’re focused on the marketing system. How can this system help me generate more business? You have already touched on that. I want you to elaborate on this, that you started using this as a marketing system, but soon realized it was much more than that. It was something that really got into your soul as far as making relationships the number one thing in your life instead of money.

So when you first started – which by the way, you’ve been doing this for 17 years. You mentioned to me when you first started it was all about money.

Beyond: Period.

Kody: It wasn’t until you shifted to making it all, A-L-L, all about relationships – not about money at all. All about relationships. Beyond, people don’t get that. Can you help us – elaborate with us for a while on why that’s so important and how well it works?

Beyond: Well, like I shared with you, before I got the system, the SendOutCards system, when I was introduced to the system, I was just focused on money. I make good money. But once I got introduced to the system, when I was first seeing it, I just thought it was cute. I was like, “The greeting card is cute,” because I didn’t like greeting cards. I thought it was like touchy-feely.

I wasn’t that kind of individual where I was interested in people and building relationships. I just want to get paid the fastest way to get paid. So when I got introduced to SendOutCards and I started sending some cards, the feeling that was associated with typing the heartfelt messages and just sending it out, it was like – when I first started, I started sending the cards out to people that I really cared about and loved but I never told them, because I didn’t know how to tell them.

So we’re sending them the card and getting a response back where people – I remember seeing my auntie and she started crying about a card because I had never told her how much I love her or how much I appreciate her picking me up when I was little. We just can go over her house and we could eat everything.

So that was just one of the many cards I sent. But to get that response back, it was like it was overwhelming. So I continue to send cards and I continue to get those responses. I continue to feel great when I send a card out and continue to get that response back from people.

So it kind of opens up my – inside of me to be more intentional about people and people’s needs and getting to know people. What happened as I continued to do that, it’s like people – it’s like when you get people’s hearts genuinely, it’s like everything else follows.

When you are intentional about relationships, everything you want follows that. If you build relationships – so just say hypothetically I had to make a decision whether I’m going to chase money or chase relationships. Remember I told you I like leverage.

So I figured, wow, I can chase the relationship hypothetically, build a relationship and the money just comes with it. So I don’t have to focus on the money. It’s like people – I was going to an event and I was talking about relationships. So the people were saying like, “Get to the good part.” They didn’t really want to hear about relationships. They wanted to hear how I flip hundreds of houses.

So I said, “Listen. By a show of hands, how many people in here can make one phone call and raise $100,000, no questions asked? Pick up the phone, call somebody.” Nobody raised their hand. I said the reason why you can’t raise your hand is because you’re not focused on building relationships. If you had the relationships, you could pick up the phone and raise $100,000. They have fundraiser dinners where they sell at $100,000 a plate and they sell out. And you can’t pick up the phone and raise $100,000? You need to look into this relationship thing.

Kody: Wow. Wow. That’s amazing. Get intentional. That’s a headline for everybody. Hopefully you post this on Facebook if you’re listening. Get intentional about people. I love that line. Get intentional about people and the relationships that you develop.

So you made the monumental shift. Now you’ve been in this business about 17 years. You were introduced to the system called SendOutCards about what? Seven years ago, right?

Beyond: About seven years ago, yes.

Kody: So – and you kind of touched on this. But I want to elaborate a little bit more. When you first started 17 years ago, you already said you were not focused on relationships. So 17 years ago when you started, let’s say the first four or five years in this difficult business of real estate investment, what would you do to go generate customers or generate business?

Beyond: Go out networking, meeting real estate agents and brokers that could bring people to the table that can assist me in accomplishing what I want to accomplish in real estate.

Kody: So what – that’s pretty traditional. That’s what a lot of people do. When you go meet those people and you’re networking – and keep in mind. I want you to think – this was a lifetime ago for you because you live a totally different life today.

But think about 17, 16, 15 years ago when you did those events. You already mentioned where you focused on – genuinely focused on – were you intentional about relationships back then or did you just want to make money?

Beyond: Just wanted to make money. That’s why – I’m sure people can relate. Where I used to go to networking events, but we – you do know networking. It’s like you go and you talk to a bunch of people. You have some drinks. You get some cards and then next week, you would do the same thing and nothing comes from it. You just keep chasing it.

Kody: Right, right. So today, now contrast that to today. So today, you have this different philosophy about you. By the way, I think it’s important that people understand how you got your mindset to where it is today. I know you, Beyond. I know you well and I know that you practice what you preach. You are 100 percent intentional about the relationship over anything else.

You’ve released on the business side of things. Just your core is to create relationships with people, how you can serve other people. You’re a wonderful example of that. You do a great job of that. So I think it’s really cool to watch that process of how you go about doing that.

So because – what got you there? I mean what got you to shift that? You’ve kind of alluded to it a little bit. You started using our system not to just send cards to business people but to basically everybody. Tell us a little bit about how that transformation helped your mind to shift, to being a genuine – genuine about relationships.

Beyond: I think it was just a feeling that’s associated when you are truly interested in people. It’s a feeling associated with that. Just like it’s a feeling associated when you just want to get paid and you would do anything to get paid.

Most of the time when I was in that mindset, I felt like it blocked my vision because you can’t see that clearly when you’re just trying to get something and you’re all about the money. What I see, it does the opposite when you’re interested in people. When you’re interested in building relationships with people, when you’re interested in connecting people with other people, when you’re interested in sharing information and resources with people, it’s like you’re going to automatically have a shift in the way you think, in the way that you see the world when you’re intentional about people. It’s a feeling associated with it that I like.

Kody: Yeah, that’s very cool. One of the things you talk about – you do a lot of stuff with sending cards to people, not just in your business but in your personal life. One of the things you’ve talked about is you pick out 10 to 20 people on a list and you just randomly send them an unexpected card just to say, “Hey, how are you doing? Checking up on you.” You don’t ask them for anything. You’re just – that’s a lot of cards.

So you’re saying you will pick 20 people and send one card to each of those 20 people just to see how they’re doing. Is that an exercise that you do regularly?

Beyond: Yes. I send cards every day. It goes back to feeling. It feels good to send positive out with no expectations and it’s like I always wanted to be the guy that – I felt like if LeBron calls anybody’s phone, they will pick up, right?

So I was like, “How can I be the kind of human being that when I call somebody’s phone, they pick up?” Right? So when you’re – it goes back. When you’re intentional about building relationships and people get cards from you, unexpected, just say four cards a year, unexpected, nothing attached, when you pick up the phone to call them, they’re going to answer your call. But if they haven’t heard from you in a year and you pick up the phone to call, to ask for something or they feel like you’re going to ask for something, they’re not going to answer your call.

But when you’re intentional about your relationship, people are going to answer your call. They want to connect with you. They want to meet up with you.

Kody: Well, I will tell you. It’s incredible. Be intentional about the relationship and I love those kinds of activities. I want to make sure all the businesspeople who are listening, they understand what Beyond is saying. He sends several cards a day randomly out to anybody.

Most people that are listening right now, you’re thinking, “Well, if I’m going to send cards, I got to start sending cards to people I want to do business with or that I am doing business with.” You’re saying no. You got to send cards to everybody, to your mom and your dad and your aunt, your uncle and your brother and your cousin and your friend, whether you’re ever going to do business with them or not. That’s what you’re saying, right?

Beyond: Absolutely. I do the same thing on social media. It’s like people, they don’t understand how valuable social media is. I look at social media as a way that I can share my insight. I can share the things that I come up with that has helped me through life. I can share those things. I can use that platform to share.

Also, I take people’s information, their pictures off of social media. I inbox them. What’s a great address for you? They send me their address. I send them a card and I thank them for sharing their positive energy because we all need each other for confirmation. We all need each other. That’s why I say together we all win. We all have to do our part.

Kody: Yeah, that’s incredible. I want to make sure everybody knows the success of this individual. Beyond Wynn is highly successful in his business. Hundreds and hundreds of flipped homes in a year’s time. Very, very successful from a money standpoint, but does not focus on money at all.

He focuses on relationships in his personal life and in his business. Just incredible stuff, Beyond, and we really appreciate it. Any final words of wisdom from you before we get off here today?

Beyond: We all have a gift. God created all of us with a gift. It’s our job to identify the gift, unwrap it, and share it with the world. Never forget, together we all win.

Kody: Wow. I love that. I love that. Thank you, Beyond. You gave me the chills. I just got the chills again. I always get the chills when I listen to you. Really appreciate you being with us today. I’m sure that people have gained a ton from this.

Tune in next week everybody. By the way, if you want to learn more, just get back with the person who sent you a link today or told you about this show and they could show you what Beyond Wynn is doing as far as the system goes.

Next week, auto repair shop owner. This applies to anybody in any business in any situation. Next week, Tom Lambert, an auto repair shop owner, amazing story from him. Tune in next week to hear from that. Beyond, thanks again for being with us. We appreciate it.

Beyond: No problem.

Kody: You bet you. All right. God bless everybody. Take care now.

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