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Relationship Marketing Weekly: Personal Trainer Edition

This week we feature  Personal Trainer and Fitness veteran, Ted Loo. Ted will explain how he has enhanced relationships and increased client retention through an active relationship marketing strategy.  He has also increased referrals through Business Network International. Tune in to find out why Ted is known for taking professional relationships to the next level.

Kody Bateman: Hey everybody. This is Kody Bateman. Welcome to a special edition of our Relationship Marketing Weekly show. We’re real excited. We’re like – Super Dave and myself, we’re out on the road this week again promoting the new book Power of Human Connection, which is – that we have featured stories in here that come from this show.

So we’re real excited about that where people from all different industries are able to teach us what they’re doing with their relationship marketing practices and how it’s bettering their business and their personal life. All that is featured in the new book Power of Human Connection.

This is yet another version here today. I’m just going to share with you what’s a little bit different today than normal weeks. We’re actually pre-recording this this week because we are on airplanes all week long and we had to pre-record this. So you’re actually going to see this – this is being recorded on a Tuesday afternoon just prior to our big meeting in Houston.

So we have a prelaunch book tour here in Houston, Texas and then a training for our referral partners in one of my companies called SendOutCards. So we’re excited. We’re here. So we’re pre-recording but it will come on as if it’s live tomorrow, Wednesday 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. So thank you for taking the opportunity out of your schedule to listen in yet to another edition of the RM Weekly show.

I have a very special guest on with us today. This is Ted Loo from Ted Loo Fitness based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Ted, welcome to our show today.

Ted Loo: Hi Kody. Thank you for having me.

Kody Bateman: Well, I really appreciate it. I love your story. I had a chance to chat with you a little bit before the show started and you do some really cool things, some really incredible things there. First of all, tell us a little bit about your – there are two main things you do. You’re a trainer. For 18 years, you’ve been in the personal training business.

So tell us a little bit about that and you’re also an area director for Business Network International, BNI. Can you just tell us a little bit about your businesses and how you run them? Go ahead.

Ted Loo: So I’m a personal fitness trainer. I’m based here out of Vancouver, just outside the downtown core, and I work with my clients one-on-one, partner trainings, small groups and I have clients that have been with me 17, 18 years right from when I started and one of the things that have really helped me in the beginning was understanding the personal in personal training and that’s all about building relationships and as you had mentioned, one of the things that really helped me and that really going was getting involved with BNI, Business Network International, and really that being the cornerstone of helping me build my business through relationship marketing.

Kody Bateman: So in BNI, there’s – the fundamental principle in BNI is called “Givers gain.”

Ted Loo: Correct.

Kody Bateman: That’s about what you give to people and you definitely have done that over 18 years in your personal training business. The fact that you have clients that have been around that long. I mean well, you answered the question. How do you keep clients for 18 years? I mean how do you do that?

Ted Loo: Well, one, it’s about delivering results but it’s about the human connection. You know, connecting with them and being a friend along with their personal trainer and just building those ongoing long-term relationships.

Kody Bateman: Now there’s a lot of people in the business world and it’s funny because there are different philosophies out there and I read this in books. I see it in seminars and tapes and different things where the hardcore business person – I mean I’ve literally heard people say, you know, there’s no room for friendship in business. Business is business and you’re in to do the deal and that’s the way it is and you should never confuse that.

I’ve always believed totally the opposite of that and we’ve shown the results of that. Obviously you do as well. What do you – I mean what do you say to that? I mean you’re very successful in what you do. What do you say to the person that says, “Hey business is business and friendship and relationship is over here. They should never be mixed”? How do you respond to that?

Ted Loo: For me it’s – I call it common sense. There is business is business but I also say you got to take – understanding circumstances and for example, I’ve heard other personal trainers. There’s one personal trainer I’m thinking of right now who his policy was you buy personal training sessions from me and they have to be used up in the three months. Otherwise, they’re used up. You can’t use them. Well, to me, that doesn’t make sense.

Kody Bateman: Right.

Ted Loo: You’re developing a long-term relationship and to say that to someone, you’re thinking short term.

Kody Bateman: Yeah.

Ted Loo: And we have our different policies and you take into consideration the human being and when you think about the human situation and people see you do that, they stay with you. There’s loyalty.

Kody Bateman: Yeah, no question about it. In fact, we talk a lot about the fact that especially today in a Google-based world where people can find out about you and your competition and everything you offer and how much money it costs, people can learn more about your personal training business in 10 minutes on Google than they will ever find out with you giving them a presentation. So they already know what you’re offering when they come in.

So today more than ever before, business – people do business with those they know, like and trust. So your approach is becoming more and more of a necessity today than ever before. So lovely example that you give.

Can you share with us – I know you’re big on tangible touches. Obviously you’re an area director of BNI. So you’re big on getting belly to belly with people, face to face with people and networking and sharing referrals and things like that.

You’re also big on tangible touches and you mentioned to me that you started using our system exclusively for your business and then it kind of transferred more into your personal life. Can you share with us some of your business examples of what you do?

Ted Loo: So on a business standpoint, I started off using it to – as a touch point, when I first brought clients online. So I’m a big believer in it takes – you keep touching your prospects until they become a client and then I use actually the card as a sense of to reduce buyer’s remorse.

So it’s like a welcome to the Ted Loo Fitness family and something like this here. So just a really simple thank you, a caricature of me as you can see. That was done a little while ago, a little bit younger then. But it’s – I do it that way and there’s always the Christmas cards, the birthday cards. Every year when I do my Christmas campaign, I get at least one client that’s inactive coming back.

Kody Bateman: I think you have an example there of what you sent out at Christmastime. This is what we call in our system a group send. So this is sending a card to a group of people, invitations, holiday cards, things like that. You have a pretty unique one there. Can you share with us how you do that?

Ted Loo: So with – this is my latest Christmas card. So this was the past year and I like a little bit of humor in my cards. So that gets sent out to my – our clients and as things have evolved, I started including – and my family has grown. So I started including more personal touches. So people get updates on my family every year and it’s a matter of my current clients, past clients, people I know in my database. It’s just one touch throughout the year that – one of the things I do along with the birthday cards and stuff like that.

Kody Bateman: You mentioned too that by sending out these group sends, these holiday cards, you do reactivate a lot of old clients if you will. So that’s a big part of the business that you generate just directly off of these group sends that you do.

Ted Loo: Yeah, my Christmas campaign usually will have paid for all my cards for the whole year.

Kody Bateman: Wow. So just one campaign and it – based on the business it generates pays for your system for the whole year. That’s a great story. Now you – I really loved meeting with you prior to this and you gave me – you shared with me a couple of stories about how you use it in your personal life.

So a lot of people, when they start using our system, they use it for personal use and then it will transform more into their business. You were kind of the opposite where you used it exclusively for your business and then you saw the value of it, started using it in your personal life. Can you share some of those – you got some cool stories. I would just like you to share those.

Ted Loo: Right. So yeah, like you mentioned, I started using it just for business and then as my family grew and I evolved, I started – my daughters, they’re six and they’re eight years old, two girls, and they love cards and one thing I noticed is when I set all the campaigns, people move, so I get cards returned and they were opening those and really liking the cards and especially the ones with caricatures of me. They actually cut me out and paste me up all over the house.

So what I started doing was taking pictures of them and special moments of my daughters and actually sending them their own personal cards and they loved it. They actually will put it up on their nightstand beside their beds and they really treasure those. They started keeping a collection of the cards that I send them.

Kody Bateman: So when you send cards out for business, it’s the Ted Loo cards and you mentioned to me that you had sent some – similar to that to – is that the six-year-old daughter?

Ted Loo: Yeah. So again, it goes about branding. So my six-year-old – and she started doing that when she was five. Rather than calling me daddy, she often refers to me as Ted Loo Fitness.

Kody Bateman: Hi Ted Loo Fitness.

Ted Loo: A couple of months ago, I actually had to go to a function at her school and I’m sitting in the gymnasium waiting for them to come in and then they start coming in single file and she sees me and she stops. She hits the girl behind her, points at me and she goes, “That’s Ted Loo Fitness.”

Kody Bateman: I love it. I think it’s a great story. It’s a super cool story. You got a story if you don’t mind. I know some of these are personal but a story about an anniversary card you sent to your wife. I think it’s really cool. Can you share that?

Ted Loo: Yeah. So my wife and I, we actually met in BNI. My wife was the vice president that interviewed me in our first joint BNI way back then. So – and this was recent. This was just a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated our ten-year anniversary and normally on our anniversaries, we will go away. We will do something together and say, OK, that’s our anniversary gift to each other.

About a week and a half out, I realized ten years, I should actually probably get her something. So I took a picture from our wedding and I sent her this card and I actually had it addressed to myself. So that she wouldn’t see it because we were going away for the weekend. But inside the card, it was to her and she actually made a comment on it. She saw the card arrive and she goes, “What are you doing sending cards to yourself for?” She thinks I waste money and I’m a little bit crazy and this kind of thing.

So I just kept quiet and then when we were away on the weekend, I gave her the card and when you open it up, I owe you one anniversary gift, which I already had in the making in – I actually gave it to her this past weekend.

Kody Bateman: Wow. That’s incredible and it’s – I love hearing those kinds of stories because that’s really what this is all about. If you want to master relationship marketing, it’s about mastering relationships, period, and again the book Power of Human Connection, if you look at the – what the marketplace wants from us is in the subheading. The subheading says “How Relationship Marketing Is Transforming the Way People Succeed”. Business people want to know this. They want to – OK, what’s the system? How does it work? What’s my return on investment? What is relationship marketing? How does it work? And we display that in this show every week. So that’s what the marketplace wants.

What they need is this. They need the power of human connection and you – I love your stories because when you make that ongoing connection with the most important relationship in your life, which is your spouse – actually the most important relationships in your world is the relationship you have with yourself. But a close second to that is certainly going to be your spouse and then of course your kids and as you master these different ways of keeping connection with those you’re closest to, it naturally kind of transforms over into your business and you’re the master of that. Appreciate all of your examples.

Any final words of wisdom to personal trainers, to area directors in BNI, just any final words from Ted Loo? Go ahead. The floor is yours.

Ted Loo: My words of wisdom would be just work on making the connection. Do the little things that make you stand out and truly care about other people and your actions will speak louder than words and you will be rewarded for it.

Kody Bateman: Excellent, excellent. Well, there you have it everybody. Ted Loo from Ted Loo Fitness out of Vancouver, British Columbia. I appreciate you being on this week’s edition of our RM Weekly show. Look forward to having you – by the way, if you want to know how Ted does the things he does, get back with the person that shared this show with you. I’m sure they could probably share with you some things that he does. Again, we will see you next week on another version of this and Ted, once again, thank you very much and we will see you all later.

Ted Loo: Thank you …

Kody Bateman: Thank you.


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