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Relationship Marketing Weekly: Australian Entertainment Company

Laura Viskovich owns a kids entertainment company based in Sydney, Australia, called Fairy La La Land… She started leveraging a multi-faceted relationship marketing strategy in her business two years ago and results have been tremendous! Kody and Laura for this “International Edition” of Relationship Marketing Weekly. Laura will go into detail on the multiple layers of touch points and follow-up strategies she uses in all aspects of her business. You’ll be amazed how organized and simple her process is, her stories and results will absolutely amaze you. ‎

Kody Bateman: Hello everybody. This is Kody Bateman. Welcome to a very special edition of our Relationship Marketing Weekly show. We’re going to call this our international Relationship Marketing show today because our guest is coming all the way from Sydney, Australia. We’re really, really excited about this call today. We had some fun talking prior to the call and incredible stories. So without further ado, I just want to introduce our very special guest all the way from Sydney, Australia.

By the way, I’m doing this call today from my cabin in Island Park, Idaho. We’re up in the mountains and there’s six feet of snow at our cabin and Laura is in Sydney, Australia. Our guest is Laura Viskovich out of Sydney, Australia. She is the owner of Fairy La La Land, which is a kid’s entertainment company. Laura, welcome to our show today.

Laura Viskovich: Hi Kody. Thanks for having me.

Kody: We’re so excited to have you, Laura. You have incredible energy and great stories and we’re excited to jump right in and get to that. First of all, it’s winter wonderland here. I’m assuming you’re still in summertime there, aren’t you?

Laura: We are Kody. But it’s a bit disappointing this year. We’ve had like a heat wave beginning of January. It was like 40 degrees and we were all dying. Then now it’s like not even 20 sometimes. So it’s kind of a hit-and-miss summer. But, you know, I’m not going to complain.

Kody: Well, welcome to our show and you – Laura, you have a very unique business. Can you tell us a little bit, what is Fairy La La Land? Our listeners today, I think it would be really good for them to understand exactly what you do because how you use our system is really super unique. So if you can just tell us a little bit about your business.

Laura: Sure. Well, seven years ago, I created a magical world that is La La Land, so all the characters, fairies, pirates, princesses and clowns live in this magical world.

So we come to children’s parties and we do RSL shows. For the international people, if you don’t know what an RSL is, it’s kind of like a casino I guess for family fun. So you can go see the Elvis impersonator sort of thing.

So that’s what we do and it is kid’s entertainment for kid’s parties and kid’s shows around Australia and we go in and make the children’s birthday or christening, whatever the occasion, extra special by entertaining them with magic, party games, face painting and balloon twisting.

Kody: Wow, that’s so cool. And you’ve been known to show up as Little Mermaid and other characters like that, right?

Laura: Yeah. So we do have lots of characters. The mermaid is a very special request especially in the summertime. We’ve been known to pop out of the ocean at different parks around Sydney. So the kids, you should see their face when we pretend to come out of the water. They’re like, “Oh my gosh!” Then they run up to us and then we just create that world for them. So it is quite special.

Kody: Now you told me a story earlier today about a unique way that you send cards out to these kids. In fact you have one story about you were showing up as Little Mermaid and you sent a card prior to showing up. Could you share that story with our audience today? Because that is really powerful.

Laura: Absolutely. So basically what I do is before a children’s birthday or christening, I will send them a card. So if it’s a birthday party, I will send them a, “Hi! This is Mermaid La La and Ninja from La La Land. We’re so excited. We’re talking about your birthday. We can’t wait to see you and have a great week,” sort of thing.

Then when we arrive, the children are so excited to see us because we’ve gone out of our way to touch them before we even arrive, to make that magical world extra special.

But basically at this one party that happened – I think it was a couple of months ago now. The mom came running up to me and was like, “I just have to thank you so much for sending that card. My little daughter thinks that you’re real, the mermaid and the ninja are actually real, and she doesn’t stop touching that card. She holds it with her. She sleeps with it. She takes it around. She takes it to the daycare center and she just thinks that you are from a magical land, which is La La Land.”

So the reason why I tell that story is just because it made me – just goose bumps up. I was like, “Wow! Thank you so much for telling me. You made my day,” and yeah, it’s just something that is extra special that I can do to make the child’s day but also week or month extra special as well by touching them with these creative cards that I create myself. So –

Kody: So they’re actually the child – well, and even the parent of the child is feeling the magic of your services before you even get there.

Laura: That’s right. So I make – I touch their hearts basically before we arrive. So the level of the service that we give is so above board before we even arrive. So we’re already impressing them before we put our feet into their event, where it might be a personal home or it might be a community hall or whatever it is.

So yeah, it just brings out a level of service really high and I’ve been into other events where they’ve been like, “Oh, thank you so much for the cards over the course of the year,” because I also send Christmas cards and thinking-of-you cards and Easter cards and anniversary cards as well and they go out through the course of the year.

So these cards are just getting my business back into their minds without directly selling to them and I get a lot of referrals from that. The purpose obviously isn’t to get but I send them just to appreciate them, to touch the point without selling to them and yeah, as a result, I do get a lot of referrals as well.

Kody: So the referral happens naturally just based on great service and they feel your great service before you even provide the service, which is really powerful. You know what’s interesting? I’ve had conversations with people all over the world and experienced ourselves. Children, when children receive a card in the mail, it has got their name on it. It’s such a special, exciting experience and they express that. It’s like this little girl. She really expressed how excited she was that Little Mermaid sent me a card and she kept the card with her. We feel that excitement from a child.

Laura: Yeah.

Kody: What I think is important for people to understand is that all of us adults, the child is still in us too. We just don’t express how much a card means to us like a child does. But it means as much to as an adult as it does to that child. You know what I’m saying?

Laura: Absolutely.

Kody: And I think people – so the power of what you’re doing and just these little teeny things, just sending that special card out to help – you know, that people feel the magic of your service and magic of the Little Mermaid. Just incredible. And you do a lot – yeah, go ahead.

Laura: Sorry, I just want to pop in with another story because I have a friend who has a little child. He’s – I think he’s five and he lives about an hour away from me. So they came to see me and I was going over to Montreal and they thought that I was going there for a long time. So they came all the way to see me and I took a snap of us on that day and sent it to the boy because he really loves me. I think it’s my energy. But anyhow, he calls me Super La La because that’s my nickname. My business is Fairy La La Land. So I’m La La and he thinks that he has magical powers because I told him, “If you’re a superhero, you just got to believe,” and all this stuff,

Again, he doesn’t let that card go and his mom is my friend obviously and she’s like, “Laura, thank you so much for sending that. It means so much to him to have sort of like a role model to look up to,” sort of thing. So you are right in saying that it does hit the – the cards do hit children because they’re just so beautiful and innocent and it does impress upon the adults as well and it makes their day extra special as well, so yeah.

Oh, I’m getting so like – like warm and fuzzy over here. I just want to hug someone.

Kody: That’s what this does. That’s what this does. It’s pretty amazing. You do a post-event campaign. So after you hold a party for somebody, you do what you call a post-event campaign. I really – I want to make sure we spend time on this today because it’s really powerful. You have multiple touches you send out after the event. Can you kind of walk us through what you do there?

Laura: Yeah, absolutely. So when a booking comes in, my virtual assistant will activate a five-card touch campaign. So the first one obviously is the one that we just spoke about that goes out to the birthday child. Then three weeks after the initial service, the mom or dad gets a “Thank you so much for booking us!” card. So thank you for your business.

Then I send out a Christmas card. The reason why Christmas is because that is our most busiest time in kid’s entertainment. We’ve got Santas and elves going out. I don’t have time to market my business. So this was a way of automating my relationship marketing in my business without having to think about cards in November and go, “Oh my gosh!” because I’m just too busy.

So that’s a really good thing about the Christmas card. Then an Easter card goes out and a “Thank you so much for knowing us.” A 12-month card goes out as well. So that’s the five-card touch campaign that goes out when a first customer comes into my business.

When I activate those touch points for one customer, I get about four to five referrals for one customer. So a lot of businesses unfortunately don’t focus on customer retention, appreciation. They focus solely on getting the customer into their business. But when I came into contact with Relationship Marketing, I realized that the focus needs to come into appreciating your existing customers. It made so much sense to me.

So when I started doing that and using the automation, then my life, one, became a lot easier. Two, it’s a lot easy for my VA to use it. It just takes a couple of seconds to activate the campaign and three, the response I’m getting from the card is just beautiful firstly. But secondly, the return of investment is way better than let’s just say a pay-per-click. For my business, I would have to invest like $4 for one click on a pay-per-click. But I invest say $13 Australian in my cards including postage and that’s all the automation included and the return of investment is probably about $2000 to $3000 depending on the customer and what they’re booking.

So yeah, it was a no-brainer. I decided to trial it and it’s working tremendously well in my business, so yeah.

Kody: Well, it’s amazing. So you’re saying you have a five-touch – is it four or five cards that go out after – the post-event?

Laura: Five.

Kody: Five cards and you get four to five referrals for each one of those cards that you send out there. So for every card you send – so you send a five-touch campaign. For every card you send, it sends you one referral.

Laura: Yeah!

Kody: For each card that goes out, there’s one referral.

Laura: Yeah, yeah.

Kody: So a five-touch campaign, you’re getting five referrals. I mean if people understood the power of these. Talk about return on investment. I mean –

Laura: Yeah, exactly.

Kody: I’m assuming – and we haven’t talked about this but I’m assuming that majority of your business is probably referral business. Is that right?

Laura: It is right now. It didn’t use to be at the beginning. Seven years ago of my business, I was doing what all my competitors were doing. I was just copying their keywords. I was doing everything that they were doing. But I knew I had to do something different to get ahead of the game. So that’s when this came onboard and I just decided to use it and it works really well.

So basically a family will either give me the referrals or they will get a card and then that will trigger my branding in their mind and then when they go to pick up their kid at daycare center, they then spread my business around the daycare center’s business. So they’re like, “Oh, I got this card and if you’re thinking about a kid’s party, you should call Fairy La La Land,” just because I’ve gone out of my way to contact them without directly selling.

So the concept is quite genius, Kody. I’m not going to lie.

Kody: Oh, this is great. Now you’ve mentioned too, so you get these referrals that come in. Now someone is interested in your service and you have what you call a two-card touch campaign for those who are inquiring about your business. Can you share a little bit how that works?

Laura: Sure. So if someone comes in and they decided for some reason not to purchase, then we activate a two-card touch campaign. “Thanks so much for calling us. It was lovely to speak with you,” and it was also a Christmas card as well that goes out.

So it’s just two touches that I decided to invest in my business that gets my business back into their mind because I’ve gone out of my way to appreciate them. Not gone, “Oh, they didn’t book with me. So I don’t care about you.”

I go out of my way to touch them and invest my time in them. So as – I just think it’s a better way of doing business because that person might then come back a year later and then book my service because I’ve gone out of my way to touch their points.

So in my opinion, no lead should be gone without going back and then reconnecting with them because it’s just wasting a lot of energy and money in my opinion.

Kody: Well, I think you’re teaching us a lot right now by this – by what you do here. What people need to realize is that we’re in business with everybody, whether they do business with you or not. We’re in business with everybody. It’s called the business of life. I mean you had an interaction with another human being and whether they did business with you or not, you treated that interaction with respect. You still sent a, “Hey, thank you for your interest,” and even though – on top of that, even another card goes out. What that shows is that you’re in the celebration business. You celebrate human beings. You celebrate people in their lives, not just people who do business with you. That’s the key to relationship marketing. That’s what this whole show is about, Laura. It’s trying to teach people that concept.

I remember meeting you a couple of years ago when we went to Sydney and just your energy, I just – Jodi and I – my wife Jodi and I, we talk about that often, just the incredible energy that you have.

Laura: Oh, thanks Kody.

Kody: And we just really – no, and we really appreciate learning from you because – I hope that our listeners can capture your energy and understand that hey, relationship marketing is about people. It’s about celebrating people in their life. Business is secondary to that, always secondary to that and you’re so good at that. So just –

Laura: Well, thanks Kody. I just want to say something on that line. A lot of people get into business and I was guilty seven years ago when I got into business of being so focused on getting the money into your business, that you kind of lose sight of like what you just said. People are just people. Without people, you don’t have a business.

So when I came in contact with Relationship Marketing, it made a lot of sense to me. So it helped me change my mindset as well. Not only come after the first initial sale, if you call that it that, but also appreciate people because at the end of the day, it’s humans. It’s people. If people like you, then they buy from you and they refer people to you. But as Jordan says, they also have to remember you as well.

So that’s why I implemented the cards into my business. But I just want to go backtrack and mention something because I think it’s really important. There’s something that I do with the cards that also really helps my business.

So basically my VA has created different campaigns within my – within the app. So basically it’s January booking 2018, February, March, April, May 2018 booking. So they’re the different groupings that I use. Now then next year, I will go into say February bookings and then activate a campaign that goes out in January saying, “Hey, guys! Hope you’re having an awesome Australian day. Thinking of you and all the best!” because I know that their birthday child is having a birthday within four weeks. So they’re thinking about their birthday now.

So I want to get back into their mind without directly selling to them. So that has really helped my business get back into my old customers’ minds without directly selling because I do know a lot of businesses do send out emails, like automated emails, which are great. But in my opinion, a lot of my emails don’t get read.

So the card campaign actually has 100 percent open rate. They open it. It doesn’t look like a bill or an ad and then it also touches their heart. In my opinion, that’s what I’m all here to do. I want to create happiness for families and if anything I can use helps me to do that, then I’m all about it. So yeah, just wanted to put that in there.

Kody: Well, no, I appreciate that. That’s super powerful. So there you have it, my friends, Laura Viskovich out of Sydney Australia. Laura, any final words? I always like to close the show with any final thoughts, final words of wisdom or counsel from you to our listeners today. No pressure. There will only be about 50,000 people that will see this. But we would love for you to – I mean again, we love your energy. Just any final thoughts from you? Go ahead.

Laura: Yeah, no worries. Well basically, if you are struggling in business and you’re looking at ways to grow your business, just get into your body and start thinking what would a human being do. Don’t go from strategies of trying to get a sale. Just purely come from your heart and try and connect with people on a human level and give you who you are, your authentic self to them because once people like you and they know you and they trust you, then they – it organically comes into a sale and then they organically refer people to you.

So get rid of the strategies. Just become your pure, authentic you. Be bubbly if you want to be bubbly. Be just you. I love to give and that’s why SendOutCards for me is a way of connecting with my customers. But at the end of the day, it’s me. So just be you and have fun. Have fun and the sales will come.

Kody: Well, thank you so much. I understand we are going to see you at convention here in Salt Lake City next month.

Laura: Yeah! I’m so excited!

Kody: Well, we’re so excited. It’s going to be great. We’re going to have a wonderful time. Again, thank you so much for being on our show. Everybody, make sure you share this with everybody you know. What a special message from Laura today and we will see you next week on another version of Relationship Marketing Weekly. Take care everybody.

Laura: Thanks Kody.

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