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Relationship Marketing With Kody B: Dr. Paul Jenkins

‘Positive Psychology’ and ‘Personal Development’ are very closely related.

First off, ‘Personal Development’ is about creating behavioral habits of positive thinking.

Meaning, that when a person is feeling discontent with something in their life, emotions are triggered that make them want to search out a positive change.

Triggers are inevitable in everyone’s life.

Triggers can lead to a negative or positive chain of events, depending on our choice and control of the event.

I love this quote from Dr. Paul:

“Don’t be quick to believe everything you think.” 

Dr. Paul is the:

  1. Dr. of Positive Psychology
  2. Author of ”Pathological Positivity” 
  3. Host of Live on Purpose Radio Podcast
  4. Owner of

Whatever the discontent may be, ‘Positive Psychology’ will lead us to make choices that make us feel good about ourselves.

Watch this live Relationship Marketing show where Dr. Paul shares how to create positive behavior in your life and business when the feeling of discontent is triggered.

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