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Relationship Marketing With Kody B: Melissa Calway

Rapport building is a proven strategy and crucial for every business!

Undoubtedly, with using this strategy, you could be a #1 salesperson in your industry bar none! How do I know this; because of my knowledge and skills of rapport building in relationships.

You don’t have to take my word for it however, here’s an example of a start-up staffing agency that has built extreme success in a short 8 months.

Melissa Barlock is the founder of Enspire Dental Opportunities Corp, a Dental Recruitment & Staffing Agency in Canada.

Staffing agencies have a two-fold recruitment mission.

These two sides of recruitment are:

  1. *Candidates
  2. *Clinics

Building a rapport on both sides of the recruitment is essential.

Melissa describes this industry as an interesting, open, and diverse industry; however, it’s no different from any other industry as far as the need to build rapport and customer relationships inside all businesses.

“Relationship marketing is transferable in every industry, business, profession and everyday life in general.” 

-Melissa Barlock-

Learn how Melissa built extreme success in 8 short months with her staffing agency by incorporating rapport building and relationship marketing philosophies.

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