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Relationship Marketing With Kody B: Lee Salz

Here’s the thing, one of the biggest reasons a sale falls through is NOT the price, it’s the fear of change that starts a price war.

To avoid a price war, you need to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Without differentiation in your presentation, prospects will move quickly to comparing the price of your service, to the service they are receiving from your competition.

You see, every interaction between a salesperson and a buyer provides opportunities to be different, to provide a meaningful value proposition that the competition does not.

So, how do you avoid price wars and stand out from your competition?

Let me introduce Lee Salz, who is:

  • Leading sales management strategist
  • CEO of Sales Architects
  • Best selling author
  • a recognized expert in Sales Differentiation

His latest bestseller ‘Sales Differentiation’ teaches a strategy that will set you apart from your competition, help you avoid a price war, and win the sale at the price you want!

Join Kody Bateman and Lee Salz as he shares how to “beat your competition” and “avoid a price war” by joining this valuable interview below.

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