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Realtionship Marketing With Kody B: “WHY” your “WHY” matters

We all know “how” and “what” to do when building a business, but what about “why” we do it?

Pretty much the how’s and what’s are easy, but finding your “Why” can be challenging!

A great way to discover your “WHY” starts with creating a genuine authentic relationship with yourself.

For this reason, I highly recommend continued self-development.

Matter of fact, ongoing self-development is crucial in life when looking for your “WHY.” Personal growth happens when you nourish the soul to improve on every aspect of your life, which will then help you drill down to your “WHY.”

In this week’s blog, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build relationships
  • Act on promptings
  • Discover your “WHY”

Listen to the video below, where you’ll learn the difference between the “how’s” and “what’s” versus the “WHY.”

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