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Relationship Marketing With Kody B: John Endries

What is brand marketing? Mostly, when we think of the words brand and marketing, we think of a

  • Product
  • Service
  • Logo
  • Store

that will provide us with specific products and services.

But when you’re a sales rep, your brand marketing should go much further.

This is where the importance of branding yourself comes into play.

Indeed, your product and service should have a brand, but perhaps it’s even more critical that you do!

John Endries is a Powersports Sales-Rep. This competitive niche is interesting in the way that he has to build his business face-to-face, which some would say is “Old school marketing,” given the digital age of technology that is so vital to be part of these days.

Sales-reps have to make an impression to stay:

  • Top-of-mind and;
  • Build brand loyalty

Especially in between the face-to-face visits.

John has become a pro at brand marketing, especially when it comes to branding himself!

In this interview below learn how John went from the worst year in his industry to thriving in 6 months by branding himself. He shares how he went from slow times and falling short of his financial goal, to the best 2 years that he’s had thus far…

Kody Bateman: Hello, everybody. Welcome to our Relationship Marketing podcast. We got a very exciting show for you today. Just want to thank everybody for tuning in and subscribing to the Relationship Marketing podcast. We’ve got some amazing people on this show over the past couple of months. You want to go on there and check that out, watch those podcast. It’s amazing the people that come on here and their willingness to give up themselves, their time, their talents, their abilities, all their expertise so that they freely give to us on the show.


And I just – I want to reach out to all of our guest and thank you – can’t thank you enough for the content that you’ve provided for us on the show. We’re going to continue that today. We have a very good friend of mine on the show today. We’ve had the chance to do some things that we like to do together. He’s a big motorcycle guy and I’m motorcycle guy. And we’ve got chance to go out the desert playing the dirt together a little bit. And without further ado, I’d like to welcome to our show today, John Endries from Florida. John, welcome to the show.


John Endries: Thanks, Kody.


Kody Bateman: Yeah. So, let’s talk a little bit, and you notice, most of you are listening in a podcast format so you can’t see John. But those of you who look on YouTube and watch our show on YouTube, you could that John is actually in his work truck. Let me tell you a little bit about John and what he does. John is 30 years in the industry of the motorcycle industry. He’s actually an independent sales rep then he goes out and calls on motorcycle shops and apparel stores and different things in the motor sports industry and has been doing it for a long time. He is the owner of Superior Powersports Services.


Now, this is an industry that’s right up my alley. I mean I’d love motor sports. I love going to the dealerships. Anywhere I go I’d like to stop in at dealerships and John, I think you have the dream job. I do. I would love to be able to go for place to place and go visit different dealerships and whatnot and offer products and services to them which you get the opportunity to do. You’re an independent sales rep for eight different companies and represent motor sports wholesale, sales rep, prospects, dealerships and accessory stores.


You’re coming to us out of your truck today and always like – you’ve actually been on one of my shows before where you’re in that same spot. You’re actually sitting right in your truck and you’re out there working today calling on accounts whatnot. You got a helmet sitting there on the dash of the truck. Oh wow! You got some cool helmets on the dash of the truck.


John Endries: Yeah, it’s new stuff.


Kody Bateman: Yeah. That looks good. I’m liking that motocross helmet I just saw, I might have to…


John Endries: Oh I know you’re going for that. That’s got your name written all over it so you have to work on that one again.


Kody Bateman: Yeah, that does. We’ll have to talk about that. We’ll have to talk about that.


John Endries: That’s right. August will be here before we know it.


Kody Bateman: Yeah, no kidding. So let’s talk. I mean this is a very interesting niche that you’re involved with and been doing it for long, long time. You know it’s kind of interesting, we live in a day and age now where a lot of things are done via internet and you’re one of the old school guys. You’re still going out there and you’re calling on accounts, you’re getting face to face with people, belly to belly. You’re showing your wares. You’re showing your products. That’s kind of a lost art anymore. I mean you know and so you’re out there doing it every day.


So, what’s it like competing with the internet. I mean I know that dealerships now can just go online and find stuff on their own. I mean what is – and I’m sure things have shifted for you. There are a lot of our listeners that are in the same boat. Whatever industry they’re in, where Amazon and everything else is shifting what all of us are doing and you’re still experiencing great success in kind of the – I don’t want to say old school format but it kind of is. You know, you’re out there calling every day. So, what’s that like for you?


John Endries: It’s been a challenge. I won’t disagree with you at all. You know, and you mean to say, what Amazon is an 800-pound gorilla out there. There’s – fortunately, at least for the product lines that I represent, there’s a thing that’s called MAP pricing so there’s a way of at least for the dealers to be competitive, the brick and mortar stores to be competitive with online where there’s – it’s called Minimum Advertised Price so it’s like if it’s 199.99 then nobody gets to go below that. So, at least it evens the playing field.


And then you’ve got dealers that actually that will sell on Amazon. So, I have one of my top dealers actually Amazon is he feeds the animal. So, it’s helping me. So I’m kind of working both sides of it but the brick and mortar is still where the bulk of business is being done.


Kody Bateman: So, yeah, I mean the interesting thing about the whole – I like it you called Amazon gorilla or whatever. And again, the whole world is kind of shifting to that. But it’s interesting because the last art that’s being created out there is that one-on-one relationship with people.


John Endries: Right.


Kody Bateman: So, talk to us a little bit about that the importance of getting face-to-face with people versus having them stare the screen.


John Endries: Yeah, a good example of that is a brand new line that I picked up. You know it’s highly competitive, if you – it’s just inexpensive sunglasses. You go into almost any store and there’s a rack you know with those $20 sunglasses it’s an impulse buy. There’s a lot of competition in that market. And just, I believe I picked the line up two weeks ago and have been very successful in converting people from other brands to mine just because I’m coming in. Literally, a dealer has said, “You know what? You’re here every month, it’s yours. Just fill out and take care of it.” And I have been very surprised on how often that’s happened just because of the fact that I have been stuffing in for the last seven years that that relationship makes a bigger deal. And the guys at the sunglass company told me, “You don’t see that. You just got to go out there and try it.” It’s happening. It’s pretty cool.


Kody Bateman: So what’s the sunglass brand?


John Endries: Undercover Eyewear is the brand name. They’re one of the big you know – there are four really big companies out there. It’s again, off brand stuff, it’s not like a Ray-Ban or an Oakley. It’s your $15 to $40 retail products including goggles over. So…


Kody Bateman: So, when you go in to store, when you go into a dealership with a product like that, do they – like do they have the displays and stuff? Like do you setup displays to put the sunglasses on? And do some of that sunglass [0:07:16] [Crosstalk].


John Endries: Both, a little bit of both. Yeah, a little bit of both. Some of the stores have existing racks already. They may have had from my company you know from years ago but they haven’t had her up for a while. And they got to fill will [0:07:27] [Phonetic] on people products and no where I’m filling somebody else’s rack, same thing. So it’s a doggy dog pretty competitive world out there on the sunglasses.


Kody Bateman: OK. So, you’re sitting in your truck and you have supplies in your truck, right? I mean what do you have back in the truck there?


John Endries: back in the truck is full of samples. There are probably 40 helmets back there. There is – you can catch a little glimpse here there’s a little bit of audio. I’ve got EMTV [0:07:55] [Phonetic] audio sitting back here that’s all powered up. I got the only traveling showroom in the entire United States with powered up and sound. You could crank it up. I have all my sunglass samples. There’s lots of neck braces. Yeah, there’s – the truck is full. It’s an old FedEx truck so there’s a lot of shelving back here.


Kody Bateman: So, you say it’s full of samples, so when you go into a store that you’re calling on, you have a tangible sample there that you can – they can touch it, feel it, look at it, have you explain it.


John Endries: Correct.


Kody Bateman: Versus going on line. It’s kind of interesting because you know my wife, Jody, she’s a big Amazon – you know she shops on Amazon all the time. And it’s like almost every day there’s some drop-off at the front door. And she’s gotten really, really good at the whole Amazon shopping thing. But I still struggle a little bit with it because I had like to see what I’m buying, you know I like to see stuff. And kind of believe if I’m running a dealership selling motorcycles and you know I’ve got a rep coming in that wants to offer new helmets or new accessory or new pipes or new something, I don’t know, man. I just like to touch and see it which is kind of cool that you’re out still driving the truck. So, how many stops do you make? I mean how many places do you call on?


John Endries: Every day is a little different but it’s anywhere from four to eight stops in a day. It all depends on how big the account is. My goal is that I get big enough. I’m only hitting two in the morning and two in the afternoon but those days are still getting there.


Kody Bateman: But you do that every day? You do that…


John Endries: I’m out, yeah, five days a week, Monday to Friday in the different parts of the States. So, I mean you know one week, I might be in the Tampa area. Last week I was around the Miami metro area. This week I’m running Orlando down the Fort Myers and Naples. So, it’s different parts of the state. I mean it’s – yeah, I run on eight-week schedule. I’ve most typically more of a four but there’s an eight-rotation in that too. So, I’ve been doing that. And that has worked for me over the years. I mean there are some people that’s still kind of shocked kind of as to where am I going today?


You know I have been doing this for 30 years and when I started as a 23-year-old kid in this industry, you know that’s kind of what I figured we need to do. I needed to be consistent because nobody knew who I was. I’m the new kid on the block. They don’t know me from nobody so I had to just – for almost a year I had to just keep showing up just people to even believe me that I was keep coming back because there are so many reps that show up one or two times and then you never see him again. So, it’s all consistency and keeping in front of them.


Kody Bateman: Now, you’re a real motorhead I mean you like to get out and get into the motor sports, you know you’ve got the toys, you do the plan. So I got to believe there’s a real passion behind what you’re doing. I mean like I said, you and I are looking at the helmet that’s on your dashboard there and I’m still giddy about that orange helmet that I’m staring at. So, when you get a new product from a manufacturer, you get that helmet line or you get the new sunglass line or the pipe line or whatever, do you still get that same exhilaration, same excitement that you did when you were 23 years old?


John Endries: Oh yeah. Well, if it’s – if it’s something like this and it’s exciting, it’s got some features that nobody else has and we’re setting the industry on its ear. And you know you’re going to move some numbers, nothing – nothing cheers a salesman I don’t know, more than knowing he can make a few buck off of selling something.


Kody Bateman: Well, it’s exciting. It’s not only making the bucks off selling something, it’s being excited about what you’re selling. And I think that’s really an important message for those listening here today, is find your passion. You know, John has a passion for motor sports and so that’s probably you know, and it – like you say, it’s a very competitive world in what you’re doing. You stay in it because of your passion for the products and whatnots. So, it’s very important to find that passion and stick to that passion and make anything work.


Let’s shift a little bit. I want to – let’s talk about some of strategies. I mean obviously, you need to do a lot of things to stay top of mind with your client base. You implement a relationship marketing strategy over the past, probably the past year or so. And you’ve got some pretty compelling stories, pretty compelling stories around sending tangible real greeting cards and using our relationship marketing system. In fact, I’d like you to just share with our audience your story when you first started using the system. In fact, I think the way you started at is you sent a card to 80 of your clients, kind of an appreciation card. Can you kind of just walk us through that and what happened?


John Endries: Right. When I first got started with SendOutCards with the service here, I mean I had some help. I have to say, without Darla, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. She is the absolute – I can’t even say enough for her. I appreciate her so much. But she has helped me along the way, helped me designed a cards that I’m going to use. I give her some ideas and she kind of maybe tweaks a little bit.


But you know a good example like to the very first card I sent out was just a basic thank you card. And on the inside I put all the different dealers and I put all the different logos on the top. And then on the inside I just put you know, “Dear Craig, I just want to thank you so much for your business. It’s a great appreciated.” And then sign my name on the bottom. That was the basic card that went out at the very beginning and got some really good responses off of it.


Kody Bateman: And how many people did you send that to?


John Endries: The first one I believe was 80, 80 people.


Kody Bateman: OK and when you say you got responses off of it, like how did they respond? They call you? What did they do?


John Endries: I had a few phone calls. I got a lot of texts. And when I stopped in and even you know you’re like finding all the cards landing on their desk yet, so they’ve kept it. There’s nobody else sending out cards. I mean I watch and as I go through the year, I send out a different card every month. And you know the funny cards especially you know like because I have always been putting some humor in my cards, those will stay on their desks for quite a while. So, they appreciate it.


Kody Bateman: Yeah, that’s great. So, you started by doing this and didn’t you do this during your kind of a slow season for you. You kind of started sending this out or implemented this in slow time?


John Endries: July 2017, things were getting really quiet as July is typically are here in Florida. It sounds weird but you know, we’re backwards from everybody else. July is one of our slowest times of the year in the motorcycle industry. So, I started sending out the cards and I started working it and by the end of the year, I had my best year ever. 2017 out of the 30 plus years within the industry was my best year I’d ever had. So, in six months to completely turn around what has happening just by sending out thank you cards and then you know occasional brownies once in a while doesn’t hurt either.




Kody Bateman: So, do you attribute most of that to it? Because whenever there’s a turnaround in business, what I have found is that there are usually multiple things that help the turnaround. So, do you attribute most of that turnaround just to the cards and the relationship system? Or, were there other factors that you think might have played into it?


John Endries: You know, it had a lot – it had almost entirely to do with the cards. I literally, in the tail-end of 2017, I actually lost one of my best lines. It went from going through independent reps to a distributor. So, the last four months of the year, I didn’t have my best line that I had. So I had to somehow make it up with everything else that I had. And I don’t know what else to say. I mean I didn’t do anything different other than just keep working my accounts and working on whatever programs that were available from the manufacturers and it happened. And then…


Kody Bateman: That’s pretty amazing.


John Endries: In addition to that, you had a video out that I watched and took to heart. You know it was talking about if you will 10T, I guarantee you’ll 2B, double your business. So, 10 tangible touch in a year that you’ll double your business. And I said I had nothing to lose so I continued on that and that’s why I kept working that system. And I truly believed it worked because I give it – so I’ll give you that example that continued on from 2017.


So now, 2018, I didn’t lose just one line, I lost three lines. It’s kind of the way an independent life goes, you gain lines, you lose lines. So, the three lines that I lost in the tail-end of 2017 was $50,000 in income. So, reality is I started January 1st, 2018, $50,000 less than I made the previous year. So, I had to make up that 50 grand just to try and even start getting even from where I was the year before. And I could tell you that 2018, I was up from 2017. It was actually my best year last year.


Kody Bateman: Wow! So, you started in the hole and you ended up with your best year ever just off at doing this.


John Endries: Yeah.


Kody Bateman: Now you do some pretty cool stuff now. I mean you do a lot of things with the cards today. Can you just kind of walk us through some of the process that you do?


John Endries: So, I’ve learned that people you know, I’ve got a sense of humor that people are starting to appreciate it. Even on my Christmas cards, I put a little sense of humor in it. You know I pick up some memes off the internet and have some fun, lighten up a little bit. Same thing on the inside, and then just pout you know, “Dear Craig, You know I’m so grateful for my family and loved ones for all your support over the years. Thank you once again and may you and your family have a happy, healthy holiday season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” And then sign my name on the bottom. So, Christmas…


Kody Bateman: OK. So, real quick, those that are watching on YouTube, they can actually kind of see what you’re holding up there for those of our listeners.


John Endries: Right.


Kody Bateman: Yeah, you got some pretty creative cards there. Like you’ve got some animation going on, you know you’ve got some cartoony-type stuff going on with some quotes n them that – yeah, there you go. So, right now, he’s showing a picture of Santa with a little quote mark and there’s humor and stuff going on. So yeah, very cool. Ho Ho! Hello everyone! So…


John Endries: Yeah.


Kody Bateman: …when people look at that, it’s like, wow! How do you make that card? I mean how do you find the imagery? How do you make that card and get it out in an efficient way?


John Endries: So, the service you guys offer is amazing. All these cards – I mean all these pictures, almost all of them I pull up the internet as a meme or pictures on the inside I’m going to show you a fun one and Kody is going to appreciate this one anybody can watch it. We went riding last year and I sent this card to everybody that was on the ride. I mean that was awesome. I said we all need to remember that because that was so much fun.


Kody Bateman: Yeah.


John Endries: You know, so these are just pictures you have on your phone or pictures you have on your computers that you could download into the service and you just, you can load it right on the card. It’s super fast, super easy to do. You can now adjust the sizing and colors a little bit. It just makes it so easy to do.


Kody Bateman: Yeah, That’s great. Now, you’ve mentioned that you have people that kind of trained you how to do that. You mentioned the name Darla who is Relationship Marketing Specialist who actually – and we have lots of those, in fact, you’ve become a Relationship Marketing specialist yourself, a referral partner for SendOutCards so you can actually show others how to do that as well.


John Endries: Correct.


Kody Bateman:  And you kind of mentioned the importance of that. You were coached through how to start using this system and you know I’m sure Darla was probably the one that showed you how to pull an image off of the internet and put them on to a card. That’s one of the neat things we offer in SendOutCards where this system comes from is that we have thousands and thousands of independent referring partners that can  show people how to do that. So, I think that’s a real important aspect. And again, you know it’s just cool, you got some other stuff too. I mean you’ve got a lot of stuff. I love how you touched on the customer at least once a month. What are some of the other things that you do?


John Endries: I send them out – I’m going to – here’s a great one that happened you know we talk about watching for people, things that are happening in people’s lives. I’ve had two close friends of mine that lost their mom last year and I went on and pick some pictures off the internet because everybody posts up on Facebook and stuff. So, I pulled pictures off of their mom alone, you know good times, you know younger, older, you know family pictures and put it all together and send it over that says, “You know, it’s always a challenging time when you lose somebody special but just remember that you love…”  something along that line. I can’t remember what it was. “And just always remember the good times.” It’s what I always make sure I put on there.


Six months later, we are at an event, we’re at a camp on event and this big guy come up to me and he says, “I need to talk.” I’m like, “OK.” And he pulls me off to the side and he gave me the biggest hug you’ve ever seen. He said, “That card was just absolutely amazing.” He said, “Thank you so much for that card.” And I was just like, “You’re welcome.” I mean it’s just I’ve never seen this guy, you know, just like when I talk about my dad, I mean the emotions some of these cards are bringing out is just it’s pretty cool.


Kody Bateman: Well, it kind of shows you know people are starving for that. People are starving to feel appreciated and starving to feel like somebody cares about them you know. And that’s one of the cool things about sending a card especially like you’ve just shown some great examples. You know, we went on that ride last year and you made sure you took pictures of the ride and we all got cards from you from that. And it does mean a lot. And I still have the cards you sent me. And you know we save them all. So, and…


John Endries: Right.


Kody Bateman: And it’s great memories because then we’re up there doing stuff we love to do. That actually, that ride that we did last April I think it was out in the desert in Utah, I mean that’s one of my fondest memories. I mean we had a wonderful time out there. I remember we had the – Shawn Galloway [0:22:43] [Phonetic] was with us. We had the drone is flying and we were, in fact, we even made a little video. We made a little video of that [0:22:50] [Crosstalk].


John Endries: We did. And afterwards, I finally figured out how to use my camera so we could have some good sound too. I didn’t have the audio set, right?


Kody Bateman: That’s right. Well, I’ll tell you what?  You know, it’s always a delight to have you on the show. We’ll have you come back and just share some of your success stories. As we close out, I just want you – this is the time, I always like to end the show with just kind of giving you the floor. I mean this is your time to just share with people a message that you think is important for them to hear whether it’s relationship marketing-oriented or even life-oriented, what you’ve learned about using this relationship system, what you’ve learned in your business and what you’ve learned about it and the personal life. Just close out the show and share some wisdom from John. Go ahead.


John Endries: What this service has done for me is not just help build my business. It has made me a better person. And it’s allowed me to see more of myself I guess what I’m looking for, the words I’m looking for here, how to care for people a little more. You know, lots of things in life, we have to learn by trial and error and hopefully got to coach and hopefully got somebody that could help you a little bit too or somebody even talk to. There are so many people like Kody was saying, just starving for attention. There’s this people, they won’t talk to anybody so if you clamed up, it doesn’t help.


I have been fortunate enough to have an awesome mentor and I’ve mentioned her name before about Darla. I told her I said I put 100% faith in her. When I started with SendOutCards, I completely emptied out my savings account and signed up for this. I am absolutely hanging on to your code tails and I will figure this thing out. And she said, “If you do what I tell you to do, we’ll get through this.” And it –I put trust in somebody. And she has done nothing but steering me to the right direction.


So, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for people a little extra help and attention. It pays off. And sometimes don’t look necessarily at the cost it might cost you per month. You know, like I said, the response that I got from my dad was worth every penny I’ve ever spent on this you know when he was just in tears when I told him how much I loved him in one of the cards. I mean it was just a basic Father’s Day card but something I really sent from the heart for a change. And go from the heart, it will work.


Kody Bateman: Well, there you have it everybody, John, Endries from Super Powersports Services out of Florida. John, we loved having you on the show. We’ll probably have you come on again here soon. And keep side down, brother. Keep things going good, stay safe, and appreciate to all you do.


So, thank you everybody for tuning in with us today. And I look forward to seeing you on yet another episode of Relationship Marketing podcast. Take care, everybody.


John Endries: Thanks, Kody.

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