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Relationship Marketing with Kody B: Jeff Bajorek

Quite frankly, gone are the days of wining and dining when prospecting. All it takes is your competitors to wine and dine your customer, and just like that, you’ve lost them. At least concerning the money-motivated customers.

Also, let’s not forget about the fear of loss strategy! Indeed, the fear of loss can work in some instances, but not likely in most.

The Good news is when it comes to prospecting, Jeff Bajorek is the master!

Jeff teaches 5 Forgotten Fundamentals of prospecting that:

  • Can change the way a prospect purchases and;
  • Inspires them to give you repeat business.

I know I’m a broken record when I say, “it starts with building relationships!”

However, as we all know, building relationships with prospects can be complicated when it comes to being authentic in your sales and marketing strategy.

Check out this interview below, where Jeff will teach you the 5 forgotten fundamentals of prospecting that when implemented, will drive massive results.

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