Global Kindness Workshops: SendOutCards

We are in this together, and I mean it. 

In an effort to bring our community of kindness facilitators closer together, I invite you to join me for Global Kindness Workshops. 

SendOutCards Founder and CVO, Kody Bateman wants to give back during this time of ever-changing circumstances, so he gathered a group of entrepreneurs willing to teach their knowledge and provide valuable lessons in a 12-course global workshop. 

Each workshop will feature a different topic and host and will be broadcast LIVE on the SendOutCards Facebook page at 12:00 p.m. (MT). 

Check out the line-up of featured guests and the topics they will be covering daily (excluding Sundays), April 1st-13th, here during Facebook LIVE presentations. I am so excited to bring you these workshops and can’t wait to get started!

Please share this with anyone you know who would benefit from this workshop!

If you have any questions about the Global Kindness Workshops feel free to call or text me at {LEAD_OWNER_PHONE|}.  

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