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Relationship Marketing With Kody B: Gayle Zientek

Effective communication is essential in today’s world of business. Consistent relationship building, such as keeping a balance between strengthening relationships and building business can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be!

There are two different types of transactions;

1. Transactional: Transactions that come to you through places such as billboards and buying leads. These are people you don’t know such as cold prospects

2. Relational: Transactions from people who know like and trust you. People who know you and are eager to give out referrals to you.

Simply put, the difference is attracting people you don’t know versus celebrating the life of those you do know.

Gayle is a real estate agent and associate broker with EXP Realty. Gayle and her husband have effective communication with their clients. This effective highly tangible communication has not only built brand loyalty but ensures them a 100% referral-based business, 50 closed homes per year all on a zero advertising budget.

In this interview, you will learn the details on how Gayle accomplished these fantastic stats…

Kody Bateman: Hello, everybody! This is Kody Bateman. Welcome to our Relationship Marketing Podcast show. I’m very, very excited to have this special guest on with us today. Just want to thank everybody for tuning in and for all the comments and different things, feedback that we’re getting from the show and more and more subscribers coming on, learning some of the dynamics of relationship marketing and how it helps in today’s business, how it’s essential in today’s business.

Man, we’ve had some incredible guests that have come on this show over the last 10, 11 weeks and let me tell you, it just keeps getting better and better and better. I mean everybody brings their own unique version to the show. All of our guests, we have guests from very unique places, very unique business models, and expect no less today because we got a superstar with us today.


Let me be real quick to introduce a very, very dear friend of mine. Jodi and I are very, very close friends with this person and her husband. So without further ado, Gayle Zientek, welcome to the show today. How are you?


Gayle Zientek: Thanks, Kody. It’s good to be here. Doing great.


Kody Bateman: So you’re in snowy Michigan and we’re in snowy Utah. And we’re excited to have you on the show today. Incidentally, we just had – Jodi and I just had Gayle and her husband, Steve, as guests at our mountain cabin in Island Park, Idaho. And Gayle, I got to take my hat off to you, you were incredible on the snowmobile. First time on a snowmobile and she was amazing. I mean within an hour, she was staying up with the crew, hitting about 70, 75 miles an hour on the trail. She was not going to be left behind. Let me tell you.


Gayle Zientek: And I was not going to be holding people up.


Kody Bateman: Well, it goes to show just kind of how you are in business too. You just – you kind of take the bull by the horns and you just go. But one of the things that I really like about Gayle is just how she has an incredible balance between relationship and building business. And we’re going to get into some of that stint.


Let me tell you a little bit about Gayle and her background. Gayle and Steve, they are real estate agent and associate broker with EXP Realty. Gayle and her husband have maintained a hundred percent referral-based business since 2012 averaging 50 closed homes per year with zero advertising budget. So I got to – and that doesn’t even do justice to what you do every single year.


So let me just rephrase real quick, 50 homes on average a year, 50 closed homes per year. No advertising budget and one hundred percent coming from referrals. I mean if that doesn’t get people’s attention, I don’t know what is. And it’s always a delight to be able to share your story.


With that, I kind of want to just start there, Gayle. When I throw out a bio like that that talks a hundred percent referral business, no advertising budget, 50 closed homes a year, pretty much every real estate agent in the world wants numbers like that. So let’s just jump right in. How did you get there? How did you get to those kind of numbers?


Gayle Zientek: Consistency. Consistent effort, people, consistent results. And from day one, we’ve learned about – in building relationships, it’s about identifying those top people that are close to you. So what I want to reiterate to the audience with me is you don’t have to go out and win your city. You just have to win the hearts and minds of the top 100 to 150 people and they will provide everything that you need. You help enough people get what they want in life and you get what you need in life.


And so, Steve and I have been able to really just connect with the people that are important in our lives, stay visible with them, and create credibility with them. And so, the profitability just naturally comes. And so, it is consistent efforts and sending cards every day, connecting on social media, and we do that we get the results.


Kody Bateman: So you had mentioned, you mentioned to me many times you kind of a 3-fold effort that you go through. One is like you mentioned, social media. You have a consistent social media effort. You’re part of BNI, Business Network International. And utilize SendOutCards as relationship marketing system. So it’s really those three things. And I think you hit it on the head, consistency has been the key.


Now, I want to go – I want to go back to the story of we’re on the snowmobiles. We were actually on the snowmobiles and we rode down the place called Mesa Falls, and this is up in Island Park, Idaho. So we went to Mesa Falls and then when we were coming back, we came back through a town called Last Chance. You literally ride the snowmobiles right through the side of town.


But as we were riding the sledge through the side of town, Last Chance, we literally rode right underneath the billboard. Do you remember what’s on the billboard?


Gayle Zientek: Well, only because you mentioned it to me. [Laughter]


Kody Bateman: Right. And what was on the billboard?


Gayle Zientek: It was a real estate agent advertising her services.


Kody Bateman: So this huge billboard, this lady is on there, advertising her services and we are not sure what she paid for that but we kind of started having the discussion. An average billboard ad might, I don’t know, a couple of thousand bucks a month you’re going to pay for that.


So at the cabin, I actually asked you, I said, “So how does her strategy different than you strategy?” Because her strategy is very known by a lot of realtors, “Hey, put your ad on the bus stop thing or put your ad on a billboard,” or there’s a lot of different things that realtors do today at big expense by the way. Buy leads. Buy a bunch of leads. And there are all kinds of lead programs. And you are mentioning a lot of realtors spend several thousand dollars a month just buying leads to make cold calls with people that might be interested in buying or selling a home.


So what’s the difference and what do you call that? So what’s that kind of marketing versus what you do?


Gayle Zientek: Well, that would be transactional. You are just looking for the transactions to come in to you through places that – and people that you don’t know. You don’t have a current relationship with.


Like that billboard, someone who is coming to visit Island Park, Idaho might call and say, “Hey, I’m looking to maybe purchasing some property here in the area and I saw your billboard.” And you have to then go into selling yourself over and over in this transactional stage to people who don’t know you. So it might be someone just inquiring and it doesn’t come to anything. And you can spend a lot of time, Kody, talking with people who are just higher kickers, who are just thinking about things versus what Steve and I is very relational. We focus on our relationships that we already have through our BNI members, through our sphere of influence. And I have numbers for you I can share of our transactionally because we are all in it for the transaction.


So in 2018, we actually did 38 transactions closed. It was our first year to be under 50 in the last seven years. And here’s the cool part about that, 19 of those transactions came from our BNI members, 17 came from our sphere of influence or past clients, and 2 came from our efforts in farming, in which over the course of the last six years we built relationships with this couple from our neighborhood who ended up buying and selling.


So, there’s a little bit of difference between what that gal is doing on a billboard is to attract people that she doesn’t know versus what we do to celebrate in life the people that we do know, and that’s where this system works.


Kody Bateman: OK. So let’s say there’s a new real estate agent and they want to go out and start their book of business and they want to get started and get known. You talk about relational versus transactional marketing if you will. What would you recommend to a brand new person, and keep in mind, they are brand new in real estate. They just get their license. They got to make money. They got to pay the bills. And a lot of what I hear all the time is that relational stuff is great, Kody. Relationship stuff is great, Gayle. But it takes time. It takes a lot of time to create those relationships and nurture those relationships that turned into referrals or whatever for your business.


So what’s your advice to a brand new real estate agent getting in? Should they do some transactional marketing? Should they get right into – I mean what would you recommend?


Gayle Zientek: Well, one, it’s what we always do when we start a business, we make a list of all the people that we know, right? And so, making that list of the people, our friends, our family, our acquaintances, the people at church, all the people that we know. And we just start to nurture that relationship.


Now, when we start using SendOutCards back in 2007, our business was 35% referrals. So that meant 65% of our transactions came from going out and prospecting, open houses, and maybe door knocking, working with people that we didn’t have a relationship with. And over the course of time, during the downturn of the market in 2008 to 2011 is where we focused on our relationships. Now, we have the service, we had SendOutCards. There’s a mechanism to connect us with people on a regular basis that we grew the mindset, top of mind awareness with people over that time to where we reached the hundred percent referral business and we’ve been able to maintain that.


So as a new agent, I would say trust the process. Trust the process. Get started. Start – this is where social media comes into play. Where are your friends and your family? Most of them are on social media. So when you go on social media and you interact with people and there’s a formula for that too that – so you don’t spend and waste so much time on Facebook but is a of value to you.


So you have to …


Kody Bateman: So what’s that formula? What’s the formula?


Gayle Zientek: It’s 50, 20, 5, 1, and 3.


Kody Bateman: Wow!


Gayle Zientek: So 50 times a day and you can do this. So I wrote down numbers because I know you like numbers. So think about this. Let’s just put an average transaction in the Midwest is about $5,000. OK? So consistent effort equals consistent result. So 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, OK? So let’s look at that 90 minutes a day times 5 days is 250 days is 22,500 minutes a year or 375 hours.


So what my strategy teach us and what I’ve been consistently doing for years is 90 minutes a day connecting with people and sending greeting cards. And so, if you’re doing 36 transactions a year, let’s say your goal is to do 36 transactions a year, that’s a 3 a month, that’s very doable. Each transaction is worth $5,000. That’s $180,000 a year that you can make divided by 375 hours, Kody, that’s $480 an hour.


So that’s what the 90 minutes a day of prospecting, Gayle’s way, is going to produce for you $480 an hour. So 50 times a day, all you’re doing is you’re just acknowledging people. You’re finding – you’re going through your newsfeed and you’re giving them the thumbs-up, a little heart emoji, you’re acknowledging them. This way, you’re creating visibility not for just yourself but for them.


Kody Bateman: So you’re getting on Facebook. You’re scrolling around. A comment, a like, a share would be considered one of the 50.


Gayle Zientek: Just for like. The 20 a day is commenting.


Kody Bateman: OK. So 50 – I want to make sure I get this straight because it’s a formula and I’ve heard you talk about this so many times and I love this because brand new agents, brand new agents start today doing this formula because it’s really powerful, 50 times a day that you’re saying you’re just – you’re scrolling and you’re liking people’s stuff so there’s an interaction going there. Now, let’s go to the 20.


Gayle Zientek: So the 20 is a handshake. So Kody, I like that hat you’re wearing. It says, “Yellowstone.” Tell me about that. Like hey, I was born in Montana and I love Yellowstone. And that’s the connection, right? You exchange energy. You see something that’s familiar in someone else and there’s an exchange of energy. And when I noticed you for something that you’re wearing or something that you’re doing, does that make you feel happy? Does that make you feel a form of energy? Right?


So 20 times a day, you’re looking to connect with people. It’s like a virtual handshake. You’re reaching out to them. They are reaching back. And there’s energy that’s exchanged.


If I comment on your post like I made a post in the official group and you said nice. You know what, that made me feel good.




Kody Bateman: I’m known for that. I just do one word comments. I just say nice. If I say nice, it’s a big compliment.


Gayle Zientek: I know. It was a nice. I liked it. But that’s the connection. That’s the connection part. You’re exchanging energy with somebody. And then that 20 could lead to the 5. You’re looking to have 5 conversations a day. Now, conversations could be a text message. A conversation could be a private message to somebody. A conversation could be in a thread. Sometimes when you comment and someone comments back and then you go in to your little conversation within the thread, that could be considered a conversation.


Out of those 5 conversations a day, I’m willing to bet you can find at least three people that you can pause and send a card to, “Hey, it was great to see that your son just turned a year old and he is so cute. I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast.” And you take a picture of that one year old baby and you send it in a card and it’s just – it’s instantaneous. You can do the 50, 20, 5, 1, 3 all in 90 minutes a day and it’s going to increase your visibility. It’s going to not only for you but for other people that you don’t know.


People say, “Well, I don’t have a big sphere of influence.” If you start to engage with people, it’s going to open up the algorithms of Facebook. It’s going to open up the possibility of other people seeing your interaction with that friend and – I have been told many times, you never know who is watching us. Our visibility on social media is so important. You don’t know who is watching us. I had a gal that honestly, Kody, she signed up for SendOutCards as a customer while we were snowmobiling in Idaho. You know what she said to me? She said, “I’ve been watching you for over a year.”


Kody Bateman: Wow!


Gayle Zientek: And so your consistent effort over time is what’s going to bring people into your life. And so, while we were going to Idaho, guess what? Seven – I think found up to nine now. Nine referrals for you, Kody, for Steven and I to be a real business. And you know what they said? One gal said, “Hey, I see you’re having a really good time. I love snowmobiling. Give us a call when you get back because we want – we are ready to list our house.” We had that meeting yesterday with this couple, gave us some ideas on what to do with their home and they are going to be putting it on the market with us in April.


So your visibility counts. Be a good character when you’re on social media. Next to that, be authentic with yourself and people who know you, they like you, and they trust you, and will do business with you.


Kody Bateman: OK. So let’s go back and let’s summarize then because this is powerful. I mean this is rubber meets the road kind of stuff. I love formulas, things that people can remember. Fifty times a day you’re going to like something. Twenty times a day you’re going to possibly comment on something in all social media. Three times a day you’re going to possibly send someone a real physical greeting card in the mail. And what’s the other part?


Gayle Zientek: The 5 times a day is 5 conversations.


Kody Bateman: Sorry. So I missed that. So 50 is the likes, 20 are the comments, 5 would be conversations whether it’s a conversation by phone or by inbox or whatever, and then 3 would be the cards, 3 physical greeting cards, and there’s a 1. What’s the 1?


Gayle Zientek: One powerful conversation a day. Those are the kind of conversations that you can immediately go back and work on too. And I remember one day you called me. I was on my way out to the lake. And I could still – I can go back to that moment. You are writing your book and all of your connection and you are clarifying some things with me, and I pulled over because I didn’t want to lose my connection with you as I went in the back roads to my – so I parked at the church, at the corner between Mallow and 131 and I remember that conversation to this day. That was one powerful conversation.


You might not have one powerful conversation every day that you remember but out of those 5 conversations, out of those cards that you sent, I would say that cards lead to conversations, conversations lead to opportunities, and opportunities lead to business. So any time you can create the conversations with people through a heartfelt message, through social media, through a phone call, through face to face interaction, that’s going to lead to opportunities that will eventually lead to business.


Kody Bateman: Excellent. So in the book – in my book, The Power of Human Connection, I talk about different opportunities to send cards and powerful opportunities like a thank you card is an opportunity to say thank you to somebody. Thank you, birthday, holiday, those are all kind of the core of what you send out.


One of the big things we talk about that you’re a master of, one of the big things we talk about is lifestyle – we call it lifestyle celebration cards. So basically, you’re just celebrating somebody else’s lifestyle or their accomplishments that many times you may learn about those things on Facebook and/or at any bond or whatever and you just celebrate people via real tangible greeting card. Like I said, lifestyle celebration greeting cards, you’re one of the best at it.


You have a very, very compelling story about that and I would like you to share that on the show here today. So give us that great example. I know you know which one I’m talking about, about lifestyle celebration card.


Gayle Zientek: So that’s page 36 in your book.


Kody Bateman: That’s right.


Gayle Zientek: They had to do with – so we talk about you taught us to become level 4. Level 4 is unconscious competence. You don’t have to think about it. It’s a part of who you are and what you do every day.


So Steve and I, we’re at a networking event. This was back in 2011. So I’ve been level 4 at many things including sending cards for a very long time. But back then, I had my camera. I carried it with me everywhere. Now, we have our cell phones. But we were at a networking event. It was called the Taste of the Chamber. There were 20 chefs in the room and we were all sampling food. And then at the end of the day, you got to vote for your favorite chef. Well, at the end of the day, the Park Street Market won that event.


And so, as this – it’s part of who I am and what I do, I took out my camera and I capture them getting the silver platter and I sent them a card and it just simply said – I pulled their business card off the desk in front of them and I just said, “Your food rocked the house at the Taste of the Chamber, no better greens, ribs, or peach cobbler. A win well-earned.” And off it went to Park Street Market. It wasn’t even to a specific person because we didn’t know them.


And about a week later, I got a call and it was Kiar and he says, “Hey, I just wanted to thank you for that card. That was amazing. Because what you might not know is our family is from the east side of the state. We’re moving over here to the Kalamazoo area and we might need a realtor. I see from your card here, realtor. Could we meet?” And we met. We build – we had good rapport with one another. And since then Kody, I think we sold over 9 homes to their family and friends through referrals and earned over $70,000. But the friendships that we – we have lifelong friends from one card that was sent in celebration of another human being.


So that’s probably one of my most powerful stories that I’m using the service over the course of the last 5 years that I can share.


Kody Bateman: So that would be an example of your three a day sending a card, a greeting card, a real tangible greeting card as part of your strategy. And again, you’re level 4 meaning that it’s unconscious competence for you. It’s a habit. You just do it every single day. So what – let me just see and recap here because I think it’s real important. I want you to speak to this. The importance of habit, the importance of consistency, when you say 50, 20, 5, 3, and 1, I got to believe that you’re at level 4 doing that for 90 minutes a day.


Gayle Zientek: I am. Go ahead.


Kody Bateman: How important – like of everything we’ve said, of everything we’ve said so far in this show today, what is the most important message?


Gayle Zientek: Consistency.


Kody Bateman: Exactly.


Gayle Zientek: You have to believe it and do it. There are so many books written about it. I think of Acres of Diamonds, the guy who was digging for diamonds and he stopped three feet short of this massive field of diamonds because he wasn’t consistent and he didn’t follow through. And I think time on task and skillset. So you have to have your time on task to develop the skillset.


People say, “What do I say in the card?” I say, “You know what? You could start out by just saying, ‘Hey, I just noticed that you might be going through a tough time right now and I just want you to know I’m thinking of you. Gayle.’”


You don’t have to write paragraphs. You just share your heart. When you see something and Kody, you talked about promptings and you act on that prompting, you reach out in kindness and you celebrate another human being, magic happens. And it might not happen in ways that – we teach that you send to give, not send to get. You send without expecting anything in return. But in reality, so much does come back to you in other ways. So I would say just consistent effort over time. Believe that it makes a difference.


People ask me all the time, “Well, how many people respond to your card?” I say, “I send an average of 10 cards every day. I might have 5% of people who respond to my card.” I don’t pay attention to that. But here’s what I pay attention to. I pay attention to the printout. We sold 39 homes last year from referral.


So doing the activity, having the time on task, you will develop the skillset and when you have a victory, it will give you confidence. A victory would be someone messages you and says, “Your card made me cry. Thank you for taking time to send that picture. I cherish that.” You have those kind of victories that’s going to give you confidence to do more. And when you have confidence in something that’s working, you’re going to stick at it. You’re going to develop your skillset and then you’re going to have momentum. You’re going to reach momentum. We reach momentum in the referral business because we sent an average of three cards every day for 5 years without necessarily having the results.


But now, go for the next 8 years and we’ve had results every year for 8 years. So that’s what I would say. Just do it and do it by yourself.


Kody Bateman: Yeah. This is really good stuff. Again, 90 minutes a day, formula 50, 20, 5, 3, and 1. My goodness! I mean that alone is just – not just in real estate, I mean that could apply to anybody’s business, anybody’s business as far as getting out there. And talk about a great example of what relationship marketing is because the whole process, that entire formula is about creating relationships. So it’s very powerful.


In fact, it has been inspiring for me because I told you when we were at the cabin, I watched and others who are level 4 at using your smartphone and being on social media all the time and it’s hard for me because I don’t like to live my life through the lens of my smartphone. And so when I noticed people that are always on the smartphone, it’s hard for me because – and this is the personal thing. It’s hard for me because I don’t want to – I like to live my life. I mean I like to go see stuff and smell stuff and be present wherever I’m at. So the phone for me, it’s a hard thing.


But I’ll tell you what. When you put into perspective what it is you’re doing on that phone, the fact that you spent 90 minutes a day so you’re in here and all I see is you’re doing this. For those on YouTube that watch us, you can see what I’m doing. But you’re there doing this. But the reality is what you’re doing is you’re creating relationship. You’re putting the likes, you’re putting the comments, you’re getting – you’re pinpointing 5 people you have conversation with, you’re setting up the three cards a day you’re going to do and have one meaningful conversation every single day. Level 4 way of doing that.


Let me tell you, if I can do 90 minutes a day where I know I am wholeheartedly creating relationship or creating human connection with people like that then it makes it so the smartphone is going to be my friend again. So I like that. I think that’s really, really good stuff.


I want to go back to your example of Kiar. Kiar is who you sent the card to. He won the Taste of the Chamber and turned into $70,000 worth of commissions and 7 or 8, 9 homes or whatever it was. Outrageous. Just a crazy story. And I know you’ve shown that before. In fact, I have actually used that card with your permission and done it in some of my speeches where we actually show a card up on the screen. And one of the things we teach in our courses is we talk about relationship marketing has an 80-20 principle, 80% of the time you focus on relationship only, 20% of the time you sprinkle in some marketing.


As example of that even in the card’s content that you sent, so when you sent the card to Kiar, there’s a picture of him and I think it was somebody else. Do you have it with you?


Gayle Zientek: I think I might, Kody.


Kody Bateman: So while she’s finding that, I’ll just share with all of you or just that are just listening in, this is a picture. You open it up and actually on the front of it, there’s a picture of Kiar, in front of him is sampling of food and he had won the award. Yeah, there it is. There it is. It says, “Congratulations on it.” And it has a picture of Kiar and his partners there. And then you open up to the inside and it’s a picture of you high-fiving him- somebody was high-fiving.


Gayle Zientek: Right.


Kody Bateman: Right. So now insides, just for those who can’t see what she is holding up, inside, there’s a big, huge picture of Kiar and his group and then there’s a small picture of the top left, it’s Steve and Gayle. So you’re just reminding him of who you are because you only met once. And then there’s this awesome message that you have. And I’m going to read it. I want to read this message. So this is what you sent to Kiar.


“Your food rocked the house at the Taste of the Chamber, no better ribs, greens, or peach cobbler. A win well-earned. Thanks for sharing your goodness. We enjoyed every bite. Live today. Enjoy life. Steve and Gayle Zientek, the Network Team at Evenboer-Walton Realtors, which is who you were at the time. And then it says Gayle with a phone number and Steve with a phone number. So it’s so powerful because if you look at this card, 90% of the card is all about who?


Gayle Zientek: Them.


Kody Bateman: It’s all about them, picture of them, message to them, how cool they are, the whole bit. 10%, maybe 10%, it might not be 10%, 5% of the card is a subtle marketing approach where you – first of all, you reminded them who you are and then you put your name and you put that you’re a realtor underneath and then you put your phone number. And it’s just a very, very small and subtle part of the message itself. And I’m sure you’re level 4 doing that too. I mean that’s part of your message all the time.


That’s a great example of the 80-20 principle. It works well. And you talk a lot about staying top of mind and I want you to talk to us a little bit about that. This is – that card is a perfect example of staying top of mind with somebody. You’re huge on staying top of mind. You get all these things you do to stay top of mind. So share that with us.


Gayle Zientek: Well, it’s important to get – we taught there are ways to connect. So social media, text messaging, greeting cards, phone and face to face. So we host fine events. Every year we have our pumpkin fest where we invite 250 people to come and be a part of our celebration. And then we do a follow card.


So we talk – this is marketing. This is an invite. This is what we call a group send. So I send this one card to 250 people. And then follow-up. Follow-up is important, right Kody? So this is part of being level 4. What do we do? We take pictures at the event and then we follow up with a really cool, fun card. You can’t see if I’m showing this. So lots and lots of pictures, collage.


And then with the message that says, “Twenty-two dozen doughnuts, six gallons of cider, face painting, bounce house, pulling contest, pumpkin hats, sunshine and lots of smiles.” And then our message. Our message to them is, “Thanks for those who made it out for the fun. We missed the rest of you. Save the day for next year, October 12, 2019. Our new location is awesome and weather-proof. Parkview, Kalamazoo, Happy Falls. Steve and Gayle Network Team Homes.” And then on the back again, just telling who we are and how to find us.


So what we did with this card is we connected with the – we showed people how much fun we had with so many other people and how we miss them and what to save the date for next year. So again, this is a group send. One card gets created as a campaign and goes out to everybody, those who attended and those who were not able to.


So that’s an example of – we do flower fest. And here’s a really fun story. We get referred to the nicest people. This is a couple who, Roger and Elizabeth, they built this property, 39 years they lived there and built everything about it. And so it was a very special property. This client happened to have onset dementia so they had to sell the property. So I took extra time. I made them a really fun, memorable card. This was dated May 6, 2015, Kody, so that’s when we did the transaction with this couple.


Every year, we invite them to our flower fest which is, “Come to our office. Get a basket of flowers. And I want you to read because this was a personal note written last year, so at their last year, a personal note from Elizabeth. And she says, “Dear Gayle and Steve, I want to thank you for the beautiful hanging plant. We love it. Brighams [0:34:36] [Phonetic] did a good job of picking out just the right ones.” So the couple who referred us to them back in 2015 came and got a flower for them, took it to them, “We love your picture card. They are always interesting and beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day, Gayle. Relax and enjoy. Thanks again. Finally, Roger and Elizabeth.”


And Roger and Elizabeth have this card on their mantel from 2015 in the new condo and she tells me, every time someone comes over, they go over to the mantel. They pick up this card and they look at and remember the home that they built and love for so many years. Now, that – you cannot replace that kind of a tangible touch with anything anywhere. I don’t – I never put down handwritten notes but I can guarantee you, a handwritten note would not stay on the mantel for 4 years.


Kody Bateman: No question about it. That addition of the picture and everything else. Now, you get very strategic about your card sending. You have three different card types, three different ways that you actually send cards. And we teach this in our system. We talk about the heartfelt card send. That’s just like a lifestyle celebration, acting on your promptings, reaching out in kindness to somebody. That’s a heartfelt card sending.


You have a group send which you just gave an example of. And we have what we called scheduled sends where you can send campaigns and dripped multiple cards on people throughout the year.


Can you give us an example of each of those? Like I said, Gayle is very – you’re very strategic about your card sending. You have a system that allows you to do that. So heartfelt, group send, scheduled send. Go ahead.


Gayle Zientek: OK. So I’m going to share – we’ve been talking about snowmobiling. And so, we came home after 10 days of being gone. And look what I got in the mail.


Kody Bateman: Nice.


Gayle Zientek: Cards from other people celebrating our adventure.


Kody Bateman: You and your trip. Yeah, it’s amazing.


Gayle Zientek: So this is a heartfelt card. Someone sees a picture on Facebook and I love it because these are the people I tried to use this. And Rick is a realtor out in California. And so he – like this isn’t about him. This is every bit about us. But who am I going to think of, Kody, if I know someone moving to California? Of course, it would be Rick because of how he made me feel with this heartfelt card.


Kody Bateman: Now, I want you to hold that one back up again real quick. I want to – OK. So this is Rick from California.


Gayle Zientek: Yup.


Kody Bateman: How long has he been sending cards on this system?


Gayle Zientek: I’m not sure. I’m going to say about maybe a year and a half.


Kody Bateman: OK. A year. A year. OK. So hold it up again. For those on YouTube, they will see this. So on the front of this card is a picture of Steve and Gayle out snowmobiling. They’re on the trail. And then you open it up on the inside and it’s – more pictures of them and then a picture of the scenery that they saw during there.”


Now Gayle, let’s go through this. And then there’s a little note that he puts on there, “Hope you’re having a great time.” Where do they get the pictures?


Gayle Zientek: On Facebook.


Kody Bateman: So you posted it on Facebook. He simply clicked and dragged off of Facebook into a system that created a card. How easy is it to do that?


Gayle Zientek: Really, really simple especially if you are on your phone. It’s just saving the picture, going – opening up the app, choosing the template, adding the picture.


Here’s another one. I know she sent this for me. It’s a picture of that trail. And by the way, I went 85 miles an hour on this trail.




Kody Bateman: Yes, you did.


Gayle Zientek: I had to keep up with Jodi Bateman going a hundred miles an hour. But then these are just special pictures. And she simply said, “February 2019, Gayle and Steve. Now, you two have a tangible memory of this bucket list adventure. Do you send your own pictures to yourself, which I happen to do? But how awesome is that?”


Here’s what she picked up on Facebook. I checked out another bucket list item, snowmobiling in the mountains of Idaho. And on the back, realtor at work, open for questions.


So yes, it took her probably less than two minutes to send this card to me.


Kody Bateman: So simplicity of the system, how easy it is. It’s template-formatted. It’s designed for the masses. It’s a one, two, three step approach, very, very, very simple for anybody to do. My 6-year-old grandson the other day got on a phone app and actually sent a card on our system without anybody showing him how to do whatsoever. So again, it’s just simplification is really important for this. And SendOutCards is a great way to do that.


  1. So real quick, you – when we were at the cabin, you showed me – I love your journal.


Gayle Zientek: For this?


Kody Bateman: Gayle got these journal sheets and she color-coordinates paragraphs. So she has got four or five different color pens and one paragraph is in red and the next one is in blue, and the next one is in green because they mean something different I guess. I don’t know. But you kind of showed me. I remember we were sitting at the table there at the cabin and I looked at your journal sheets and you were sharing with me, “These are my numbers. These are my numbers. This is how I build my business. This is my marketing approach right here.”


I was so impressed by that. I was like, “We need to talk about those numbers on this show.” So just real quick, share with us, those on YouTube might be able to see some of our visuals. If you don’t, just try to kind of listen along because she has got some stats in there that are pretty incredible just to show you just how strategic – Gayle is very, very heartfelt and very much about the relationship but she is also a very savvy business woman. So she really looks at her numbers and sees what the ROI is. So the balance that you provide speaks to everybody listening right now because half of our listeners are lovey-dovey, touchy people and don’t care about anything else. And the other half are numbers-driven and show me the money. You are a combination of both.


So share with us what’s on those sheets.


Gayle Zientek: All right. So with SendOutCards, you pick a plan that best pitch your needs. For us, because we’ve been using this for so long, we have over 6,000 contacts in our contact manager. We created groups and get together with the person who invited you to watch this and ask them to kind of dissect it. View the math around it.


So we’re on the enterprise system. It’s $147 a month. So here’s my math. $147 a month times 12 is $1,764. Now, you’re going to have postage on those cards. So $726 on postage. And then – so here’s – and I’ve also bought the Elite Plus package so let’s bring in everything that I’ve used.


The Elite Plus package allows you to do the scheduled card send, which would be like this. This is a scheduled card. It’s a card that after our bike donation post, it’s scheduled to go out the first of the year. And so after we do our bike donation, we put some pictures together. We schedule this to go out to all of our sphere of influence, family, clients, around January 1st. So that’s a scheduled card.


With the Elite Plus package, you get a thousand scheduled cards a year. So you pay postage on that. So add together, $1,764 for the enterprise, $726 for the postage on those cards, 110 group sends a month, $550 on postage for the Elite Plus, a $1,000 for that package equals $4,040 a year. And this is the amount of cards. So with the group send, you have 1,320 cards that you sent.


And what do I teach? Heartfelt card is three a day, so that’s 1,095 cards a year. So you’re sending, I’m sending 3,415 cards a year, Kody. And if you break that or divide that into $4,040, it’s a $1.18 per card including postage.


And at the beginning in the introduction, you said I have zero marketing budget. I am a referral partner with SendOutCards. So guess what? I’ve done this a few times, a few years and I have attracted people that want to do what I do so I make more than I spend in marketing. So therefore, I do have a zero marketing budget if you want to look at it that way.


Kody Bateman: So as a referral partner, you actually get paid to refer people to SendOutCards. So what you’re saying is that those commissions offset, more than offset whatever you spend. Like you said, you spend about $4,000 a year. But what I want to get to is, so $4,000 spend a year that’s actually paid for but what kind of business does it generate for you?


Gayle Zientek: So, I also do scheduled send. So let’s just say, I’m going – Steve and I are planning to close on 36 transactions this year. And in – for each of those 36 people, they get a 5-card campaign that goes out. It’s a thank you for your business, a 3-month later, just a checking-in card, one goes out in May, November, and on the anniversary with the immediate card goes a 4-pack of brownies, with the anniversary card goes a 2-pack of brownies. So that’s an additional $1,152 a year that we are going to invest in our clients to that 5-card campaign of the brownies.


If our average transaction is $5,000 times 36 is $180,000 a year of income, closing on 36 homes. And the total cost including sending out those brownies is about $5,200. So, one transaction pays for all the business that we do throughout the course of a year. Not a bad ROI.


Kody Bateman: Not a bad ROI. Not a bad ROI. It’s really, really incredible as you spell it out. Now, to kind of as we wrap up, you’ve put a whole bunch out there for us to digest here today. And when you start talking about a thousand group sends and this many scheduled sends, and three cards a day heartfelt cards turns into a 1,095 cards a month. It seems overwhelming to people that are listening. How in the world does Gayle have the time to do that stuff? How much time a day do you spend on average, how much time a day do you spend?


Now by the way, before you answer this, Gayle is not your normal card sender. Gayle like these things are just gorgeous and all kinds of flippity flop beautiful, pictures are all animated up and looking pretty and stuff and you go color-coordinated. I mean it’s like you’re a fancy graphic designer the way you do these cards. So I want to preface that because you actually spend probably more time on building your cards than most people do or that you even need to do but you do make beautiful cards.


Having that been said, how much time a day because thousands of cards you’re doing a year as part of this strategy, listeners right now are saying, “Oh my gosh! That’s just too overwhelming.” How much time per day do you spend sending cards?


Gayle Zientek: Probably 90 – it’s a part of the 90-minute.


Kody Bateman: So that’s what in the 90 minutes.


Gayle Zientek: It takes time. This was a card I sent out to a farm. So we farm our neighborhood. This was – I mean it took me probably 15 to 20 minutes to create this card that went out to an area that we farm. But it took me less than 30 seconds to send it to 85 people.


Kody Bateman: Right.


Gayle Zientek: So if you – it’s really hard to say, Kody.


Kody Bateman: I’ve actually – I’ve heard you say before from the stage because we’ve shared the stage before, I’ve heard you say before, now correct me if you think this is wrong, but I’ve heard you say before if you really figured out, about 15 to 20 minutes a day average is what you spend actually sending cards out. Is that seemed about accurate?


Gayle Zientek: Yeah. I can send out a card in two minutes.


Kody Bateman: Yeah. Some days might be more than others. Some days you might spend an hour and a half sending cards or two hours sending cards, whatever. But if you blend it out over – if you do a blended average daily, it’s probably 15 to 20 minutes a day. So again, it goes back to what you said at the beginning of the show, consistency is everything. You’re just really consistent. That’s it. You’re just very, very consistent. And when you’re consistent, that turns into thousands of cards that go out and hundreds of thousands of dollars commissions made.


So I think that’s a real important message for us all. I got to tell you, Gayle, it has just been amazing. There’s so much information. I know that people are going to be requesting this show over and over again. So we’re really glad that you took the time to be with us today.


In closing, I just want to turn the floor over to you. No questions. No nothing. We just want 5 minutes of Gayle Zientek inspire us, tell us how to better our lives, how to better our business, whatever message you want to share, go for it.


Gayle Zientek: Thanks, Kody. I would say commit to the process. It takes commitment. Commitment leads to activities, the right activities. And if you do the right activity, it’s going to lead you to the opportunities to connect with people more on a personal level. People, they don’t know – they will always remember how much you care for them by the way you make them feel. And so, make it an effort. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Make your daily commitment to reaching out in kindness about other people. Look for opportunities to celebrate people on a very personal level.


I was talking to Steve a little while ago and he made a call to a past client of his. He posted on social media that one of our past clients had gone through a family thing and he picked up the phone and he made the phone call. He had a conversation. And that conversation is going to bless our family. It’s going to lead the conversations that we can have in a certain situation.


So look for the opportunities to see people, feel people, and then love them for who they are. And when you do that, life just comes back at you multiply.


Kody Bateman: Wow! Great stuff. Gayle Zientek, EXP Realty, her and her husband, Steve, incredible people. We had a lot of fun with you at the camp. By the way, you will have the opportunity to see Gayle speak live on August 9th. We have our Relationship Marketing Grand Summit that’s coming up. We actually have a 4-day event at Salt Lake, Utah, hosted by one of my companies, SendOutCards. We will have – we are going to have – the first day on August 7th is going to be a tour day. You will be able to come and tour our facility, see how we build the cards and add the gifts and send the stuff out, very, very cool.


The follow day, we have what we call a Promptings Academy which is a full day personal development seminar.


And then the third day is August 9th, we are having our Relationship Marketing Grand Summit. We’re going to have featured speakers from all over the world coming in talking to us about their relationship marketing and sales techniques and expertise. And many people that have been featured on this podcast will be speakers at the Grand Summit and Gayle will be one of them. So we’re excited to have Gayle as a speaker at the Grand Summit on August 9th. So get on out here to Salt Lake and check out her message along with all the others that you’ve seen on the podcast before.


And appreciate you. Appreciate everybody that tunes in every single week. Make sure you share this podcast with others and we will see you next time. Take care everybody now.


Gayle Zientek: Bye-bye. Thanks.

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