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Everything You Need To Know About Follow Ups

Follow ups are a powerful way to grow your business. For one, they help you keep your current customer base feeling special. For people who haven’t purchased yet, it keeps you top of mind. Yet most people don’t actually do follow ups.

For most of us, the only “follow up” we get is a postcard from the dentist every six months, reminding you it’s time for your dental check up. …And often times, the dentist has us address the postcard ourselves. That’s not an effective follow up.

Other times, the only “follow up” we receive is when we check our bank account and see a monthly recurring charge. That’s no way to make sure you keep your repeat customers. There’s a better way.

These are the top five tips successful people aren’t telling you about follow ups.

Do Follow Ups

The first step is to actually DO the follow up. Don’t put it on a to do list. By then, it’s probably too late. Do it as soon as you think about it. Don’t worry about perfection. A poorly done follow up is generally better than no follow up at all. This is one of those cases where it generally really is the thought that counts. …And when a simple thought can increase your income, well… It’s just plain silly not to do it.

Do Follow Ups Faster

This isn’t where you want to play coy. This isn’t like a dating situation where you want to wait a certain period of time so you don’t seem to interested. This is actually the opposite. Follow ups are a sign of gratitude, and you can’t really do that too early.

Get your follow up out there as close to immediately as possible. …Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder when it comes to business.

Personalize It

Form letters are for insurance companies. Follow-ups and thank you notes are best personalized. Mention something specific you chatted about in your meeting. Let them know you’re looking forward to your future chat, or growing the relationship, or whatever. Be real, be professional, and be personal.

Use Video or Photo

If you’re sending it electronically, add a relevant video. Send a video of the product, of yourself relating the message, of something you spoke about. Video is huge at the moment and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Show you have a grasp on current marketing methods by utilizing video.

If you met the person in person and happen to have a photo, send over the photo. Grab photos with people you meet at live events and use the photo for social proof- tag them on Facebook and they’ll get a yearly reminder of your meeting. Add the photo to a card for a personal reminder of a pleasant occasion.

Be Consistent

If they say in real estate, “location, location, location,” then in follow ups, it must be, “do it, do it, do it.” Continue following up. Not as a stalker, but as a thoughtful business person. If this gets uncomfortable for you, get permission. Let them know you’re going to be following up in a specified period of time. They’ll tell you if that isn’t okay. Good follow ups are so rare that your pleasant consistency will take you far.

Follow Up Tips

Remember, when a prospect says no, often times they really just mean not yet, or not now. The key is sticking on their radar in an attractive, respectful manner. Good follow ups show you’re a professional, and, because so few people do them effectively, it’ll give you a true advantage.

It’s much easier to keep leads warm than it is to find new ones or to warm cold ones back up. Effective, consistent follow ups will save you time, money, and help grow your business, which is what it’s really all about.

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