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Event Followups: 4 Things Successful People Do Differently

Have you been to a great event and thought you could really use some tips for powerful event follow-up? We get it. We’ve been there.

At the end of a busy tradeshow, cleaning up after the hustle and bustle, and looking forward to putting your feet up while processing new leads, it’s essential that you don’t fall at the last hurdle.

Attendees will have connected with other exhibitors, likely even your competitors. Don’t waste your hard work: stay ahead of the game by reaching out with fast, targeted email follow-up.

Here are four industry best practices to make sure your brand is the one that your hot new lead remembers:

1. Be Swift

Ensuring a timely follow-up is crucial to making sure your new contact remembers your brand and what you have to offer. Your competitors will be sending follow-up emails, so beat them to it. Send these at the end of each event day.

2. Personalization is key

Even though we see hundreds of attendees in a trade-show day, make your leads feel like they were the only one you met. Send targeted product information to suit their interests based on the lead survey. Add their name and company for added impact.

3. Make an offer they can’t refuse

Give your lead an incentive to get back in touch. It’s all very well to reach out and thank attendees for visiting your booth; however giving them a reason to get back in touch will give your response rates a boost. Set your brand apart from other exhibitors.

4. It’s all about forward planning

To execute all of the above effectively, have a follow-up plan ready to make lead follow-up a seamless task. Speak to your sales and marketing teams to confirm offers for selected products, and have specified product email copy ready to go for each eventuality. By doing this, event follow-up will be less of a chore and easy to do as soon as the event finishes.


Event follow-up should not be an afterthought. Don’t let those leads slip away!

And don’t forget to use SendOutCards to follow-up with an extra personal touch that sets you apart. You can even send a gift, like brownies or chocolates, to their office.

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