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Relationship Marketing With Kody B: Coach Dana Cavalea

Having a competitive nature comes naturally to most people, especially in business, wouldn’t you agree?

However, a lot of the time being competitive gets misinterpreted as having an ego.

No worries!

There is a way to stay competitive and combat ego, and this quote says it all.

“Humility comes from understanding that our losses are just as important as our wins”  ~Coach Dana Cavalea~

Certainly, the best person to coach us on humility in business is Coach Dana Cavalea and here’s why:

  • 13-year director of strength & conditioning for the NY Yankees
  • Developer of lifestyle training programs for all the players
  • Author of ‘Habits of a Champion’
  • Consultant for CEO’s, Executives on Wall Street and Fund managers

Achieving all the above, he led the NY Yankees to the World Championship in 2009 and was awarded the ‘Nolan Ryan Award.’

Enjoy this great interview below as Coach Dana shares the most valuable success habits in the world on how to stay competitive while keeping one’s ego in check.

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