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Relationship Marketing With Kody B: Craig Case

Creative ideas such as inspirations, insights, and ah-ha moments can be world-changing because of where they come from. Creativity comes from the “unconscious mind.”

Matter of fact, Freud says, “90% of what our brain does, comes from the unconscious realm.”

Take an iceberg, for instance.

What we see on the surface is 10% of the iceberg. This 10% is where your conscious mind lives. So the other 90% of the iceberg is underwater, here is where your unconscious mind lives.

Craig Case, the co-author of ‘Big Ideas,’ says:

“Most of the time, when we try to fix problems, we look for solutions consciously when creativity lives in the unconscious.”

So, if that’s the case, how do we reach the unconscious realm of creativity?

Well, there is so much science to it, I can’t include it all in this summary!

Hence, this is why I’m inviting you to join this ‘ah-ha moment’ video below to learn the scientific yet, simple way to access the creative ideas you need, to solve the challenges in your business.

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