25 Brilliant Client and Employee Recognition Ideas

Recognition of others is one of the most powerful ways to grow relationships and businesses. It’s often overlooked but surprisingly easy to do.

Here’s a list of 25 ways to recognize those around you.

  1. Welcome to the team brownies
  2. A gift basket for hitting a promotion
  3. Birthday Club
  4. Team lunch
  5. Certificate
  6. Branded gear or clothing
  7. Gift card
  8. Excellence Awards
  9. Elite club for top performers
  10. Thank you notes
  11. Coffee mug
  12. Volunteer award
  13. Lunch with company superior
  14. Home office visit/tour
  15. Special training at a resort or special location
  16. Movie tickets
  17. Top sales award
  18. Event tickets
  19. Group event
  20. Birthday cards
  21. Holiday cards
  22. Bonuses
  23. Candy jar
  24. Attach a thank you note with company mailed paycheck
  25. Work anniversary cards

This list should jog your memory and help you create new ideas. Even if your team is spread far and wide, utilizing a Relationship Marketing system like SendOutCards makes it easy to recognize your team. From cards to chocolates, to cookies, to Starbucks cards, you can systematize your recognition process, enabling you to recognize more people, more often, and cause your business to grow.

Recognize others and win.

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